Donegal boss slams Sunday Game panelists

Donegal boss Jim McGuinness has hit out at the panellists on RTE’S The Sunday Game and accused them of a “lack of respect” towards his side.

In an interview with Brian Carthy after their win over Cavan, McGuinness said: “Two years ago they (the panellists) were giving out that we had not got the stomach for it, that they had not got the fight in them. Now they are giving out that they are trying too hard, that they have too many men behind the ball.

“But, more than that, we would have been very disappointed that, on The Sunday Game in particular, we were disrespected. We had a player that got man-of-the-match and he was given the trophy. Obviously that is a very proud day for him and his family. Then they go back to the studio and they say that there was no man-of-the-match.

“They are in a position that they can poke fun at Donegal because (they think) we are not that serious. We do take offence to that because we feel that we train as hard as anybody else, we prepare as hard as anybody else and we deserve more respect. Analysis can be clinical and critical and you can critically evaluate and have a very strong opinion, but it is when it becomes disrespectful that there is a line to be drawn”.


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