Galway star misses Connacht semi final

Star Galway forward Sean Armstrong has been ruled out of the tribesmen’s championship clash with Mayo after he tore his hamstring on Sunday.

The player had been out with a similar injury and was just on the way back when he got hurt again in training. Armstrong looks certain to miss the Connacht football semi-final against Mayo on Sunday week. Although he will undergo a scan on the injury, the player expects to miss the semi.

“It is very disappointing to have the hamstring go on me again,” said Armstrong. “To have all the work done and for it to go again is very frustrating. Mentally it is very tough to deal with; I just seem to be having a bad year with it.

“I have even been doing yoga two or three times a week to strengthen them as well as extra core work, but it’s devastating for it to happen again. You’d nearly prefer to break a bone: once it’s healed that is it, but this just keeps happening.”

“I was on the verge of rejoining the lads in training in the next few days, but I pushed myself a bit hard during rehab on Sunday. I am due to go for a scan shortly, but I’d imagine it’s in the higher end of a grade-two injury, so I’ll miss four to six weeks with it”.


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