GAA Championship schedule “ludicrous”

Kerry captain Colm Cooper has described the current championship schedule as “ludicrous”.

Speaking at a Lucozade Sport promotion in Dublin on Monday, Cooper said he believed the championship should be run off quicker and felt that Kerry would not benefit from waiting four weeks for the Munster final against Cork on July 3.

“I think the season is very drawn out. The first game was Donegal and Antrim in May (15th) and I think there are too many gaps between games. Antrim lost and they don’t play until June 25th. It doesn’t make sense in my own mind. It’s nearly two months that they have to wait for another game which is crazy,” he said.

“Down are in a similar situation after losing to Armagh but I just think (the GAA) really have to look at the fixtures set-up. When you have a situation where you play your first round of the championship and don’t play again for two months it’s ludicrous.”

Cooper also believes that the recent poor record of provincial winners in the All-Ireland quarter-finals will continue until something is done with the current format.

“That in itself backs up the point, is there an advantage to winning a Munster championship or a provincial championship? I can honestly say we definitely want to win the Munster championship in three weeks time but maybe it’s something that the GAA have to look at in providing another advantage to winning it.

“At the moment, the four weeks break isn’t an advantage for winning a Munster championship. Where they go on that I don’t know but it’s definitely something that should be explored in my opinion.”


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