Turkey to retain European Boxing Championships

Sports highest court, the Court of Appeal for Sports,in Lausanne, has ruled that the European Boxing Confederation acted illegally in switching the European Championships from Bulgaria to Turkey.

The ruling came too late for the Bulgarians and the Court of Arbitration for Sports judged on Thursday of last week that as the championships were due to start in less than a week from then , it could NOT (for commercial l and operational reasons) reverse the confederation’s decision and return the hosting rights of the championships to Sofia.

Bulgaria had referred the matter to the Lausanne-based court after it had been told by the E.U.B.C that it had lost its hosting rights of the games due to it being investigated by the world body, the AIBA.

The CAS partially upheld Bulgaria’s appeal, stating that the EUBC had acted beyond its authority by imposing such a sanction on the Bulgarians federation, which is not enshrined in its (EUBC) statutes.

“The withdrawal of the hosting rights from Bulgaria was therefore illegal and under normal circumstances, Bulgaria should have kept the right to host the European Men Championships 2011,” it said.

The Court concluded that with the boxing due to commence on 17 June , Turkey as a hosting country has “incurred significant costs for organizing the event” and thus the games should go ahead in Ankara.

“Turkey is a bone fide third party, whose rights also must be protected,” the C.A.S added.

“In the normal course of events, the hosting rights would revert to Bulgaria,” said the court.

“However, given the time constraints and the fact that the championships are due to commence on 10 June 2011 (date when the first competitors and officials were expected to arrive) , the costs, resulting from a decision to reinstate Bulgaria Boxing Federation in its hosting rights would be disproportionate,” it went on.

No comment so far from EUBC but then the EUBC website is rarely up todate (apart from official notices) and seems to depend on the occasional contribution from such as the IABA , ABA or a freelance contributor or photographer. If the EUBC cannot put together in 2011 a comprehensive website to represent the strength of European boxing then they are failing miserably to promote amateur boxing in its own territory and should perhaps consider outsourcing their Communications division and website.


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