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Derry 3-14 Armagh 1-11
full time played

70mins: Tyrone or Donegal will have a tough time on their hands from this Derry forward line. can they win the Anglo Celt for the first time since 1998?
68mins: No sloppy finish from Sean Leo McGoldrick, the back roamed forward and got his point.
66mins: The Derry forward line certainly thinks the job is done -they’re probably right – but play is getting sloppy and they’ve rained in three wides in as many minutes. Eoin Bradley is withdrawn, he’ll be looking forward to the Ulster final.
60mins: A few orange jerseys trailing out of St Tiornachs Park but they’ll have missed Charlie Vernon narrowing the gap down to seven points.
58mins: This is almost samba football from Derry. Bradley back-heel on the sideline finds its way to Lynch, but his long range effort trails narrowly wide.
57mins: Gilligan follows up his three-pointer with another free which goes over via the post
56mins: GOAL! A six point swing. At one end McDonnell with goal chance saved by Danny Devlin. Derry counter attack and Gilligan blasts into the top corner.
51mins: McDonnell with another point, this one from play and a Charlie Vernon point keeps Armagh in with a shout
48mins: But that right boot of Stephen McDonnell just keeps swinging and the gap is back to six. Blink and you’ll miss a score in this game.
47mins: GOAL! This time Mallon doesn’t manage to foul Bradley as the ball broke 30 meters from goal. the forward bore down on goal and picked a perfect finish to stretch the lead to seven points for the underdogs.
45mins: Bradley causing all sorts of problems for his man and the result is another free and another point from Gilligan.
43mins: trademarke Armagh pressure on the 45 leads to goal chance. Jamie Clarke mistimes his fist and hits the post.
42mins: McDonnell’s freetaking continues to keep Armagh in the game and the gap is back to three points.
40mins: Derry right back on track since that goal, Conleth Gilligan sends his second free over the bar.
36mins: GOAL!Perfect start to the second half for Armagh. O’Rourke with the goal after a frantic, flowing move. Charlie Kielt pulls adds another for Derry straight away.

36mins: McDonnell puts an end to Armagh’s 15 minute drought just in time for the half time whistle.
35mins: Mark Lynch grabs another super point after Toner allowed him time to aim from the right flank.
35mins: Just coming up to half time and that goal has rocked Armagh back on their heels. the tit-for-tat rhythym they had is gone. can they rediscover it in the second half?
29mins: GOAL. Mark Lynch bursts from the left channel and slams his finish to the roof of the net giving Paul Hearty no chance
28mins: Eoin Bradley is on fire in this half, an enormous point from play. 45 meters out and he hit it high over the bar.
25mins: Joe Diver given very harsh yellow after Toner takes a dive after minor contact with the boot.
19mins: Bradley hits his third point, the first on his right boot. and this open game keeps flowing cause McDonnell pulls one back immediately despite his right boot flying away.
14mins: An even better score from Jamie Clarke from near impossible angle on the left.
13mins: Eoin Bradley with a terrific point point from play. The oak-leaf finally with a 2-point lead.
12mins: Derry take the lead a fourth time, Conleth Gilligan this time scores from the free.
10mins: First score from play and its Derry who lead the way through a great point from Mark Lynch but Michael O’Rourke pegs them back instantly
5min: Tit for tat as Bradley converts his second 20 meter free from the hands and straight up the other end Jamie Clarke is dragged down allowing Aaron Kernan level.
4min: Very soft free against Kevin Dyas allowed Stephen McDonnell level the scores
1min: Anthems over and we’re underway in Clones. Eoin Bradley swings over a free to get Derry off the mark first.

0min: And for Armagh, Vincent Martin is in at half back in place of Paul Duffy
0min: There are two changes to Derry’s starting team. Kevin McGuckin and James Kielt move into fullback and half forward respectively in place of Kevin McCloy and Cailean O’Boyle.

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Armagh: P Hearty; A Mallon, B Donaghy, K Dyas; A Kernan, C McKeever, V Martin; K Toner, C Vernon; T Kernan, BJ Padden, M Mackin; M O’Rourke, S McDonnell, J Clarke.

Derry: Danny Devlin, Sean McGoldrick, Kevin McGuckin, Dermot McBride, Brian McAlary, Charlie Kielt, Michael Bateson, Joe Diver, Michael Friel, Mark Lynch, James Kielt, Barry McGoldrick, Enda Muldoon, Eoin Bradley, Conleth Gilligan. will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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