Horses die in freak incident after bee attack

Two horses died in a freak incident in East Sussex earlier this month after being attacked by bees. The horses were in a paddock in Nutley on 9 June when the incident occurred.

“It is heartbreaking,” said owner Ann Gerrard. “We can only guess at what has happened. Something disturbed the bees — perhaps one horse jumped out and knocked a hive. We’ve never had any problems before — the hives were in a well-fenced field, it was totally unprecedented.”

One of the horses died that afternoon after the attack, while another died the following day. Vets confirmed that both suffered anaphylactic shock and heart failure.

“I’ve since been told by the Beekeepers Society that bees don’t like the smell of horses,” added Ms Gerrard.

“That’s not to say that a bee is going to attack a horse, but hives should be kept at least a field away.” I would like to stress that this was a freak accident,” added Sgt Michael Keeler from East Sussex Police.

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