Nadal easily beats Andy Murray

Sets: Nadal 3 – 1 Murray
Games: Nadal 0 – 0 Murray

Nadal beats Murray 5-7, 6-2, 6-2, 6-4 in the second men’s semi final at Wimbledon. Murray started brilliantly and outplayed Nadal for phases of the first set. Once Murray’s level of performance dipped in the second set, the Scot could not compete with Nadal. The Spaniard was brutally consistent, making very few mistakes and succeeding with a high proportion of his first serves. Nadal has now won 20 straight matches at Wimbledon.

Nadal breaks Murray in the first game of the set and it was an uphill battle for Murray from there. Murray had two break points in the fourth game, but Nadal had too much for the Scot. Nadal made very few mistakes throughout the match and has now won his last 20 matches at Wimbledon.

Game 10: Murray 4 – 6 Nadal
Nadal holds to win the match! Nadal served beautifully to move into a 40-0 lead and give himself three match points. Murray produced a stunning point to save the first match point, but a great Nadal forehand sealed the match.

Game 9: Murray 4 – 5 Nadal
Two quality points from Nadal moved him into a 15-30 lead, but a timely Murray ace evened the score. Murray then hit a double fault to gift Nadal his first match point. Murray responded brilliantly with another ace and a powerful serve to give him advantage. Nadal won the next point, but hit an uncharacteristically poor backhand on a Murray second serve. Nadal then hit a return into the net to make the score 5-4 to Nadal.

Game 8: Murray 3 – 5 Nadal
Nadal holds to love. Murray is running out of opportunities. Murray had a great chance to move into a 0-15 but hit the net on an easy forehand. Two Murray forehands then drifted out.

Game 7: Murray 3 – 4 Nadal
Murray holds. The Scot moved into a 30-0 lead with an ace. Nadal somehow won the next point after reaching a Murray drop. A superb stretching cross court backhand from Murray regained his momentum and he sealed the game with a powerful serve.

Game 6: Murray 2 – 4 Nadal
Nadal holds to make it 4-2. Murray battled gamely, but Nadal was in control for most of the game. Murray’s only respite came after he was under the cosh after a powerful Nadal serve, but Murray somehow hit a backhand passing shot into the open court.

Game 5: Murray 2 – 3 Nadal
Murray holds. Murray has hit 33 unforced errors, while Nadal has only hit seven.

Game 4: Murray 1 – 3 Nadal
Nadal wins a game that lasts over nine minutes and includes two break points for Murray. Murray fought back from 30-0, but needlessly hit a forehand into the net as Nadal made it 40-30. Murray then played two terrific point to gain a break point, but Nadal produced a good point to deny the Scot. Murray engineered another break point, but Nadal bossed the point to bring the score back to deuce. Nadal held on to take a 3-1 lead in the set. Important hold for the Spaniard.

Game 3: Murray 1 – 2 Nadal
Murray makes things hard for himself, but wins a quality game. Both players produced superlative passing shots. Two consecutive double faults then brought the score to 40-40. A quality cross court shot left Nadal on the ground, with the Spaniard juggling his racket.

Game 2: Murray 0 – 2 Nadal
Nadal comfortably holds. A terrific, powerful cross court shot at 30-0 for Nadal was the highlight of the game.

Game 1: Murray 0 – 1 Nadal
Nadal breaks Murray again. It is looking very bleak for the British number one. At 15-30, Nadal somehow won a point that Murray dominated. Great defensive work from Nadal again proving too much for Murray. A poor forehand into the net from Murray sealed the break for Nadal.

Nadal wins the third set 6-2. Nadal is playing consistently quality tennis, while Murray is struggling to regain his form. A crucial difference is the first serve. Nadal succeeded with 76% of his first serves in the third set, while Murray could only hit 48% of his first serves in.

Game 8: Murray 2 – 6 Nadal
Nadal takes the third set. Nadal engineered two set points. Nadal hit a double fault on his first set point, but clinched the set on the following point.

Game 7: Murray 2 – 5 Nadal
Nadal breaks again and is in complete control of the match. Murray slipped to a 0-30 deficit, but recovered with a powerful forehand. He then benefited from a deflection off the net, which directed the ball away from Nadal. Another sloppy forehand shot gave Nadal another break point, however. Murray went with a serve and volley, but Nadal produced a superb forehand passing shot to win the point and the game.

Game 6: Murray 2 – 4 Nadal
Nadal holds comfortably.

Game 5: Murray 2 -3 Nadal
Murray has started to rediscover some form and holds to make it 2-3. The critical moment was at 30-15, when Murray won an incredible point. Nadal bossed the point and played a powerful forehand into the back left hand corner. Murray somehow managed to reach the ball and play a terrific shot past Nadal.

Game 4: Murray 1 – 3 Nadal
Clinical service game from Nadal to make it 3-1 to the Spaniard.

Game 3: Murray 1 – 2 Nadal
Murray hits an ace and holds to love. He badly needed that.

Game 2: Murray 0 – 2 Nadal
Worrying times for Murray as Nadal makes it seven games on the trot.

Game 1 Murray 0 – 1 Nadal
Nadal breaks Murray again to make it six games in a row for the Spaniard. It was crucial service game for Murray to get back into the match, but he fell into a 0-30 deficit. Murray hit a timely ace, but followed it up with a double fault. Murray saved the two break points with a quality volley and an ace. Murray was then unlucky to narrowly miss the line with a forehand down the line. On Nadal’s third break point of the game, Murray mishit a shot to give Nadal an early break in the third set.

Nadal easily clinches the second set. Murray had a chance to claim two break points in the fourth game o the set but missed an easy forehand. Instead, Nadal held and broke Murray twice on his way to winning the next five games. Nadal has been very consistent so far, while Murray’s original high level of play has slipped dramatically.

Game 8: Murray 2 – 6 Nadal
Nadal holds his serve to take the second set. The highlight of the game was undoubtedly Nadal’s deft forehand volley near the net.

Game 7: Murray 2 – 5 Nadal
Nadal breaks Murray again. Murray’s form has collapsed since he missed that easy forehand in the fourth game of the set. A poor Murray drop shot gifted Nadal another break point. Nadal took the opportunity to almost certainly seal the second set.

Game 6: Murray 2 – 4 Nadal
Nadal holds to love. An entertaining opening point gave Nadal a 15-0 lead and the Spaniard pushed home his advantage.

Game 5: Murray 2 – 3 Nadal
Nadal breaks Murray. A double fault gave Nadal his first break point of the match. Murray then missed an easy overhead shot to gift Nadal his first break of the day. What a turnaround. Murray could have had two break points in the previous game, but now finds himself down a break.

Game 4: Murray 2 – 2 Nadal
Murray creates a slight opening, but Nadal holds on to win. Murray won two more long points against Nadal, the second being finished with a superb cross court forehand, to make the score 15-30. Murray had a great chance to make it 15-40, but missed an easy forehand near the net. Nadal held on to make it 2-2.

Game 3: Murray 2 – 1 Nadal
Murray holds to love. Nadal is hitting more unforced errors than unusual. Murray has mixed up the direction of his serve so far today and it has paid off.

Game 2: Murray 1 – 1 Nadal
Murray holds after a good service game. The highlight of the game was a point won by Murray, who won a terrific point with both players at the net. Nadal somehow got a Murray passing shot back across the net, but Murray ran back onto the court and finished the point with aplomb.

Game 1: Murray 1 – 0 Nadal
Murray continues in the same vein as the first set to move into a 40-0 lead. The Scot hits the net with a forehand on the following point, but claims the game with an ace.

An impressive set from both players, but Murray wins 7-5. Both players have been imperious on their serve, but Murray turned it on in the 12th game to gain three break points and win the set. Murray has successfully returned 90% of Nadal’s serves so far.

Game 12: Murray 7 – 5 Nadal
Game on! Murray breaks Nadal to claim the first set. Murray finally made inroads into the Nadal serve as he made it 0-30. A long point then lead to a failed Nadal lob to give Murray three break and set points. Nadal saved the first point, but Murray hit a terrific return on the second break point to force Nadal to hit a poor shot into the net.

Game 11: Murray 6 -5 Nadal
Murray wins a heavily contested game. Murray was smashing the ball around the court, but Nadal also seemed to find a way to return the ball. Murray attacked willfully at deuce, while Nadal defended superbly. Nadal finally took control of the point, but then hit the net with a forehand shot. Nadal outlasted Murray on the next point, but an ace and a good forehand helped Murray win the game.

Game 10: Murray 5 -5 Nadal
Nadal holds. The Spaniard is really bossing play on his serve, despite only getting about 60% of his first serves in. Murray attacked Nadal’s second serve at 40-0 and was rewarded with a superb forehand cross court winner. Murray hit another brilliant shot to make it 40-30, but Nadal held to make it 5-5.

Game 9: Murray 5 – 4 Nadal
Two excellent Murray forehand winners helped the Scot to a 40-0 lead. An uncharacteristic forehand miss for Nadal gives Murray a 5-4 lead.

Game 8: Murray 4 -4 Nadal
Nadal holds to love after some quality ground strokes.

Game 7: Murray 4 – 3 Nadal
Still no break points for either player as Murray holds. Murray won a great point to start the game. Murray went to the net and hit a drop volley. Nadal made it to the ball with time to spare and hit a cross court shot. Murray guessed which way the ball was headed and hit a quality volley to win the point. An incredible Nadal forehand when he was on the defensive brought the game back to 15-15 immediately, however. Some impressive Murray serving, including another ace, helped him take a 4-3 lead.

Game 6: Murray 3 – 3 Nadal
Nadal holds after a competitive game. The pick of the points was a 14 stroke rally at 30-0, which was won by Murrray after a superb forehand. Nadal then won a 19 stroke rally after Murray hit a wayward forehand. Both players are very comfortable on their serve so far.

Game 5: Murray 3 – 2 Nadal
Murray holds to love. Murray has already hit four aces in his first three service games. The trainer comes out, but Murray decides to stay on court.

Game 4: Murray 2 – 2 Nadal
Nadal holds. An uncharacteristic mistake gives Murray a 0-15 lead, but the Scot makes two unforced errors in the following two points. Nadal manages to hold to make it two games all.

Game 3: Murray 2 – 1 Nadal
Murray holds, but worrying news for Murray fans as the Scot has already called for the trainer. Murray had problems with his hip flexer leading into today’s semi final. Hard to hear the conversation between Murray and the trainer, but sounds like the Scot might come off court at the next change of ends to have the problem seen to in the dressing rooms if the problem has not died down.

Game 2: Murray 1 – 1 Nadal
Nadal holds to love. Good start on serve for both players.

Game 1: Murray 1 – 0 Nadal
Great start from Murray sees him race into a 40-0 lead, but Nadal responds with a superb cross court shot. Nadal takes the opening game with a terrific serve. All five first serves in for Murray.

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