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Limerick 1-22 v 2-13 Wexford

70 minutes played

Live commentary:

Full Time Limerick secure a deserved 1-22 to 2-13 victory over Wexford. An early second half Sean Tobin goal for Limerick gave them some breathing room. Wexford struggled to make any inroads into the Limerick lead and by the time Paul Roche got sent off in the 61st minute, Wexford were already trailing by eight points. It was a good outing for Limerick, who will be confident of competing with whoever they face in the next round.

70+5 min Full time here at the Gaelic Grounds. Good six point win for Limerick.
70+4 min Goal for Wexford! Rory Jacob scores for Wexford.
70+4 min Tommy O’Brien scores a good point for Limerick.
70+3 min Declan Hannon scores from a free. He’s had a good day for Limerick.
70+2 min Eleven wides now for Limerick.
70+1 min Another point for Wexford makes it a seven point game.
70 min Wexford get a point back.
70 min Declan Hannon makes it 1-20 for Limerick. An impressive score line for Limerick.
69 min Breen comes on for Brian Geary for Limerick.
67 min Free out for Wexford. Things are looking bleak for Wexford, with the Model County down a man and eight points with a few minutes left to play.
65 min Ryan comes on for Graeme Mulcahy.
65 min Declan Hannon sends a free wide for Limerick when he should have scored.
61 min Wexford’s Paul Roche is sent off for striking Graeme Mulcahy!
60 min Mark O’Riordan scores for Limerick.
58 min David Redmond scores for Wexford. The deficit is back to seven points.
57 min Keith Rossiter scores a good point for Wexford
56 min Poor wide from James Ryan for Limerick.
54 min Declan Hannon scores from a short free for Limerick.
52 min Graham Mulcahy scores a great point for Limerick.
51 min Declan Hannon scores another point for Limerick from a free. Seven point lead now for Limerick.
48 min A goal chance for Wexford. Nicky Quaid saves well from Rory Jacob.
47 min Colm Farrell comes on for Malachy Travers for Wexford.
45 min Fifth wide for Wexford. Three wides in the first ten minutes of the second half after hitting a mere two in the opening half.
44 min Mark O’Riordan is coming on in place of Paul Browne for Limerick.
44 min Graeme Mulcahy scores for Limerick.
43 min Fourth wide for Wexford.
42 min Paul Roche hits a 65 wide for Wexford. Missed opportunity.
40 min Rory Jacob scores for Wexford from a tight angle.
40 min Harry Kehoe scores for Wexford.
39 min Declan Hannon increases Limerick’s lead to seven points.
38 min Another point for Limerick.
37 min Graham Mulcahy scores a point for Limerick. Frenetic start to the second half.
37 min Wexford score a point
36 min Goal for Limerick! A mistake from Darren Stamp allows Sean Tobin to score. Could be a hammer blow to Wexford’s hopes.
36 min We’re underway again at the Gaelic Grounds.

Half Time Limerick have been the slightly better team in the opening period and lead by 0-11 to 1-6. A scrappy Eoin Quigley goal has given Wexford a fighting chance, but Limerick remain favourites to progress.

35+2 min The half time whistle blows. Limerick lead by two points at the break.
35+2 min Garrett Sinnott scores his second point of the match for Wexford.
35 min Seventh wide for Limerick.
35 min Goal chance for Kevin Downes. The Limerick man loses his hurley but kicks the sliotar towards goal. Unfortunately for Downes, the sliotar drifts wide.
34 min Declan Hannon scores his fourth point of the evening.
33 min Fifth wide for Limerick.
33 min Quick response from Wexford. Rory Jacob scores his first point of the game.
32 min Niall Moran scores again. Three point lead again for Limerick.
31 min Niall Moran scores for Limerick.
29 min Goal for Wexford! Eoin Quigley scores a scrappy goal for Wexford. A badly needed goal for Wexford.
27 min Declan Hannon scores his third point of the game, his second from a free.
25 min Donal O’Grady scores his second point to give Limerick a three point lead.
23 min Kevin Downes scores a beautiful point for Limerick.
22 min Declan Hannon scores his second point of the day.
22 min Eoin Quigley scores for Wexford after a quick counter attack.
20 min Niall Moran scores a point for Limerick.
19 min A Wexford shot hits the back of the Limerick net, but the play is called back for a Garrett Sinnott foul.
18 min Declan Hannon scores for Limerick to tie the scores at three points apiece.
16 min PJ Nolan scores a great point for Wexford from a tight angle.
13 min Limerick hit their fourth wide.
11 min Graeme Mulcahy equalises for Limerick.
9 min First wide for Wexford.
8 min Slight goal chance for Limerick but Wexford defend well in the end.
7 min Declan Quigley scores for Wexford. Limerick have been the better side so far, but Wexford lead.
7 min Garrett Sinnott scores a great point for Wexford from the wing.
5 min Donal O’Grady scores a great point for Limerick.
4 min Second wide of the game for Limerick.
2 min Graeme Mulcahy hits the first wide of the match for Limerick.
1 min Early free for Limerick in their own half. Gavin O’Mahony launches the sliotar down field but it comes to nothing.
1 min We’re underway at the Gaelic Grounds.
0 min There will be a delay starting here at the Gaelic Grounds. Many people are still queuing to enter the stands. The delay should be about ten minutes.


Limerick: Nicky Quaid; David Moloney, Seamus Hickey, Tom Condon; Wayne McNamara, Brian Geary, Gavin O’Mahony (capt); Donal O’Grady, Paul Browne; Niall Moran, James Ryan, Declan Hannon; Graeme Mulcahy, Kevin Downes, Sean Tobin.

Wexford: Niall Breen, Paul Roche, Matthew O’Hanlon, Keith Rossiter, Lar Prendergast, Darren Stamp (capt), Malachy Travers, Eoin Quigley, Michael Jacob, PJ Nolan, Harry Kehoe, Stephen Banville, Rory Jacob, Garrett Sinnott, Jim Berry.

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