Antrim beat spirited Armagh to win Ulster title

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Armagh 2-12 v 2-20 Antrim
Full time

Armagh’s first appearance in an Ulster final since 1946 ended in heartbreak as the Orchard county lost out to Antrim. Armagh put on an spirited display but couldn’t find the extra gear needed to beat their more illustrious opponents despite having an extra man for the final 12 minutes of normal time. Antrim’s dominance in Ulster continues and they will head in the next round of the qualifiers where they will face either Galway or Limerick.

73min Thats it, the ref blows for full time. Armagh can be proud of their display today, they put it up to Antrim
73min McCormack with an effort but its cleared
72min Goal! Poor from Armagh, as Antrim punish the poor sideline ball
71min Sideline ball for Armagh – ball is played straight to an Antrim player
70min There will be 2 minutes of added time
68min Scullion with another Antrim wide, their 5th of the second half
67min McCann goes off for Antrim – 3 minutes to go. 5 points in it, Armagh need something in the closing minutes, the 14 men are holding on
66min 4 minutes to go, Armagh clear their lines again.
63min Its been an entertaining game, Armagh have been impressive
61min Scullion with a point
60min Free to armagh as McGourty takes down McCormack – Gaffney with his 5th point. Gap down to 4th. Is there a late comeback for a first Ulster title for Armagh
59min Scullion get his 6th off the day, 5 have been free’s
58min Antrim down to 14 men, McCormack punishes Antrim with their second goal of the day. Armagh back in it.
58min McCann finally gets a point after two successive wides
57min Let off for Armagh as Scullion’s effort comes back off the post – good charge up the field though. Armagh keeper Doherty clears his lines
56min Shields comes on for McFall as Armagh hit their 3rd win of the second half
55min Armagh with a free from McGratten
54min McCann with his 2nd wide in a minute for Antrim
53min Antrim with their 4th wide of the 2nd half
51min free to Antrim played into McFall but Armagh clear their lines
49min wide for Armagh, their third of the half and 8th in total
49min McKeegan with a fine point for Antrim, lead out to 7
47min Antrim respond again, Armagh not getting a chance to gather a couple of scores
43min Gaffney with his first from play for Armagh
42min We’re back to a 6 point game, Antrim with a point
41min Good response from Armagh who got straight up the field and score a point – Carvon with the score
40min free to Antrim 45 yards out – goes over Scullion gets that
38min Antrim net a point from McKeegan
37min McKernan with Armagh’s second – lead down to 4
36min 2nd Half is under way and 30 seconds in McGrath needs a fine point from 65 yards for Armagh
Added time McFall scores his first point of the day against the run of play from last few minute.
added time A minute left, Armagh piling pressure on Antrim
35min Into injury time and another wide for Armagh, need to take these chances
34min Armagh hit their 4th wide of the game, they’ve been lively last few minutes
34min GOAL! Armagh get a lifeline, lovely goal.
33min Antrim with a wide there, there 3rd of the game. Armagh have only gotten 1 point in the last 20 minutes
32min Doherty get its, his 2nd of the day
31min Antrim win a free there, yellow card for Armagh
30min Antrim in control and winning everything in midfielder.
27min Armagh needed that point.
25min Antrim running away with this now after a strong armagh start, Antrim 7 points up. Remember this is a much changed Antrim line up
20min Antrim move 5 points ahead
20min Game has steadied now with neither side getting a grip on it. Armagh need to get the next score to stop Antrim running away with it
15min Antrim into their groove now and on top. 4 points in it.
11min McFall scores a goal for Antrim, Armagh’s strong start has been halted
9min Carvel puts Armagh a point up
7min Ciaran Herron gets Antrim up and running
3min First blood to Armagh,
0min about to get underway here now
0min Armagh have waited 65 years to appear in an Ulster senior hurling championship final and they head into today’s game as massive underdogs against heavy favorites Antrim.


Antrim: C Cunningham; TBC, K McGourty, J McCouaig; K McKeague, M Donnelly, C Herron; Barry McFall, S McCrory; J Scullion, T McCann, E McCloskey; P Doherty, C McFall, K McKeegan

Armagh: TBC

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