Haye v Klitschko review

Now that the dust has settled it is clear that David Haye’s ambition to beat the unrelenting power of Wladmir Klitschko was a fool’s errand.

Haye’s response to the defeat looked equally foolish, blaming a broken baby toe for his inability to land any big punches on the Ukranian.

The reality was clear, Haye looked every bit the cruisierweight in a heavyweight’s shorts for much of last night’s fight and the judges’ unanimous decision was inevitable from early on.

Despite the promise of a new challenge for Klitschko, Haye did nothing to distinguish himself from the previous 55 fighters who have fallen to the big Ukrainian.

Klitschko expertly used his reach, weight and, it must be said, intellectual advantage over Haye to prevent the Briton from mounting any sort of challenge.

With Klitschko jabbing effectively from distance for all 12 rounds Haye could do little but resort to wild swings and grew increasingly frustrated as the fight wore on, throwing himself to the ground on several occasions.

By the sixth round, when Haye has promised to knock Klitschko out, it was clear that only one man would win this fight.

The strong right Haye landed in the third round had done nothing to unsettle the Ukrainian’s measured performance and Klitschko was now in total control.

He dismissed another of Haye’s instinctive swings by shoving him to the mat, shortly after landed a right of his own and as Haye attempted to connect over the top Klitschko merely stood back and left Haye swinging like a petulant child.

From here out it was clear that Haye’s tactics had let him down and his fighter’s instinct wasn’t strong enough to get through to Klitschko.

The Ukranian’s performance was not what fans of big fight boxing like to see but it is one that has to be admired for its grinding effectiveness.

Klitschko said after he was disappointed not to have added the 50th knockout to his list but his superiority was so clear that that will have been an afterthought.

Where to from here
Haye has declared he would retire if he lost this fight and it looks like that may now be his only option.

He did little to show himself worthy of a rematch and Vitali, who many regard as a better fighter than Wladmir, will not feel he has anything to prove by fighting Haye.

Haye said that he would have pulled out of the fight due to his broken toe had it not been for the fans who had shown their support for him which sounds as if he is angling for a rematch when he is fully fit.

That excuse will hold no truck with the Klitschkos though, Haye would not have risked his reputation if he didn’t feel confident he was healthy enough to enter the ring.

The cry-baby excuses over a painful but, in terms of heavyweight boxing, comical injury will do little to help the perception that Haye is all mouth and no chin.

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