Rovers fans boycott Derry over safety fears

Shamrock Rovers supporters groups have decided against organising any buses for the league game in the Brandywell this Friday due to fears of violence.

The supporters groups said they made the decision “because of genuine fears for the safety of Shamrock Rovers fans” following a number of incidents in recent years in which buses were attacked as they left the area.

A number of supporters groups buses suffered damage after the fixture in May when groups pelted the travelling fans with stones as they pulled away from the ground.

A number of Bohemians fans reported that they were attacked by stewards in the Brandywell in the league match last month.

The policing situation in the Brandywell has been a concern since Derry’s entry to the League of Ireland.

Situated in the heart of the Republican “Free Derry” area, Uefa gave the club special consideration allowing them to steward themselves as it was felt that the presence of the RUC in the ground at the time would provoke trouble in the ground.

The PSNI are still unwilling to enter the Lone Moor Road area due to concerns over the safety of officers.

The Shamrock Rovers supporters groups have urged Derry City to address the problem, in light of its status as a club playing in the league despite being located in a separate policing jurisdiction. will have live score updates on all GAA Championship
matches over the summer.


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