FAI reach decision on Zayed abuse case

The FAI’s Independent Disciplinary Committee have given Shamrock Rovers midfielder Chris Turner a three match ban over comments he made to Derry City’s Eamon Zayed.

Turner had been sanctioned over allegations he made a racist remark to Zayed during a match in June.

The committee said that not there was not enough evidence to confirm the remarks were racist but that they were offensive.

St. Patrick’s Athletic were fined €200 for racist abuse directed at Zayed from their supporters but the committee commended the actions of the club’s management for the “very proactive manner” in which they dealt with the allegations.

Derry City chairman Peter O’Doherty welcomed the decision as a “very fair result.”

“I believe this is a good day for football as the FAI are saying they are going to clamp down on behaviour like this.

“They are saying they have the power to take action based on the balance of probabilities.”

O’Doherty was referring to the concern that incidents such as this are difficult to adjudicate on because the evidence is down to one player’s word against another’s.

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