Chelsea increase offer for Modric

According to reports on Sky Sports Chelsea have returned with an improved 27 million pound offer for Luka Modric.

The Blues recently had a bid of 22 million turned down but hope that their improved offer will be accepted, especially with the player keen to leave.

When asked earlier today if a new offer had been received Spurs boss Harry Redknapp said “I’ve heard nothing “before slamming Chelsea’s initial offer saying “They (Chelsea) are going to make an improved offer? I should think they would need to! Twenty-two million for Luka Modric would be a joke anyway, if he was for sale.

“We need to keep him, he’s a fantastic player for us, but it’s up to the chairman, he makes those decisions. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose him but it’s a difficult situation. He’s a fantastic boy, a great player, and it’s not easy when people come along and start offering to double or treble your wages.

“It must make it very difficult for him and I understand where he’s coming from a little bit but I’m desperate to keep him because, as I say, he’s so good.” will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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