FAI CEO earns more than President Obama

400,000 euro, say it again 400 grand, 400,000 k. Nice sounding isn’t it? Nice bit of wedge for glad handing committees, uttering the odd sound bite. Nice cabbage for doing very little. Welcome to the world of John Delaney.

John who? Delaney. You must have heard of him. Guy who pops up occasionally on our national TV, hang dog face and worst hairstyle since Donie Cassidy first visited Maurie’s Wigs. He is actually CEO of the FAI. Our national football association. A CEO no less so he must be worth that wage. Well no, he is not worth a salary double that of President Obama. In a week of more savage government cuts, abuse scandals et al, news came out from the FAI annual beano in Clare, sorry AGM, that John trousers 400 grand a year and, man that he is, took a 50 grand cut. Bully for him.

He presides over a body that makes Mugabe’s Zimbabwe look democratic and gladhands all the usual decent skins looking to make the step up to blazerhood. Like his father before him, and let’s face it, most ‘’committee men’’ are related, he has bounced to the top of football in this country with no knowledge or experience of playing said game. Now those of us who support League of Ireland clubs are well use to the FAI shafting clubs etc., but from the glory days of flogging World Cup tickets to touts in New York to this latest weeze, Delaney continues a golden line that stretches back to good old Louis Kilcoyne, destroyer of Shamrock Rovers who ended up as President of the FAI.

Roy Keane was so spot on in his contempt of these amateurs. Piss ups in Saipan, club seats whilst he had a cheap one down the back, clowns like Mick Byrne entertaining the masses on the Late Late. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. This is the body entrusted with the future of our game.

Put it this way, if, like a lot of people, you are struggling and you want to get your child into the ‘’FAI Soccer Schools’’ well unless you have a spare 100e knocking around then tough. Delaney’s salary would provide 40,000 children with coaching in these ‘’schools’’ or nets and gear for most schoolboy leagues.

The sad part is this fool is a blatant example of all that is rotten at the core of Irish ‘’soccer’’. Look around on any weekend. GAA and Rugby kids teams have usually dressing rooms etc, the ‘’soccer- a term beloved of Delaney despite the fact its football’’, teams usually make do with the side of a pitch. This is at all levels. It is a disgrace that after all the money going in and out of the game this condition still exists.

As a father myself who’s eldest son plays football, I will do everything I can to avoid him coming anywhere near the FAI and their structures. Still, Delaney will look well at the Croatia game in the White Elephant ground, shaking the right hands, cosying up to that other bluffer Trapattoni, comparing riches whilst the ordinary Joe soap can’t afford to get in to see the ‘’boys in green’’.

Our 400 grand a year leader, bouffant hair looking well, loving the reflected glory of the professional game, leader of a group of bluffers but his pal Blatter would be proud.

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