“Fan Power” hits Fermanagh football

Player power has been a big issue in the GAA in recent seasons, but established stars having a greater say in the affairs of their county but Fermanagh football could be about to witness a new phenomenon….fan power.

The county board has been under pressure for a number of months to sack manager John O’Neill, and now the Club Eirne fundraising group has withdrawn its support for the county’s senior football team.

The group, run by Fermanagh supporters from within the county as well as in Dublin and Belfast, wrote to the county board saying that it had “very reluctantly decided to withdraw from supporting the county team financially for the immediate future.”

This move makes it clear that Club Eirne are not prepared to back the present management team and are looking for changes. The team had a disastrous 2011 campaign and 11 players quit the panel in March,blaming management for their decision.

The supporters group has contributed over £400,000 to the senior football team over the past five years.

“It (Club Eirne) is not dissolving,” the letter added.

“Instead, it hopes to continue fundraising at a much reduced level, in the hope that its support may be required at some time in the future.”



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