Manchester City striker withdrawn for showboating

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli was substituted by Roberto Mancini in a pre-season friendly after the boss felt he was showboating.

Balotelli netted from the penalty spot in the 1-1 draw with LA Galaxy, and City won the subsequent shoot-out. However, he later tried to backheel an effort to the net and he missed with his shot. Mancini was annoyed with this display and immediately withdrew the player.

Mancini is hoping that his striker has learned his lesson and will not do anything so silly in the future.

“I didn’t speak to him,” the City boss said after the game. “But I think that we need to be always professional, always serious, and for me in that case Mario wasn’t professional. And for this I changed him.

“In football we should be serious, always. And if you have a chance to score, you should score. Only this, for me, it’s finished now. And I hope for him it is an important lesson.”

Mancini said to “Sometimes he needs to control his emotions. Mario is good player, but he’s young and needs to improve as a player and as a man sometimes.”


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