Marty Clarke set to return to Australia

Down’s star forward Martin Clarke is set to return to Australia, after his side’s disappointing exit from the championship last weekend.

Team-mate Danny Hughes confirmed the news saying:

“I think he will go back to Australia. And the best of luck to him if he can do it.Marty is a great fella, and he has given a lot to Down football so he doesn’t owe us anything. If he can get a career for himself in Australia, that’s fantastic. But we are losing a big, big player.
My opinion is that if he can get money for playing in Australia, well, who wouldn’t take it in this current climate?”

Caolan Mooney(18) has also been lost to Collingwood, and Down football is in a mini crisis at present. Hughes is hopeful that manager James McCartan will remain in charge:

“James McCartan is a winner. He is a born man for football.I would be very surprised if James decided to walk away because I think he would see it as unfinished business”.


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