Padraig Harrington splits from coach

Padraig Harrington has announced that he is to part company with Bob Torrance, the coach who led him to three majors and whom the Irish golfer has described as “a genius”.

It is understood that the move is not permanent although at this stage it is difficult to say when the pair will renew their partnership. Harrington missed the cut in the Irish Open on Friday, and has dropped from third to 64th in the world rankings over the last number of months.

At the weekend Harrington said::”I’m not thinking of changing personnel. I’ve got to change something in myself, attitude or something along the lines of that.”

However, he later decided that a break from Torrance was needed,before confirming: “We haven’t split. We are having a break because I am getting very frustrated. Until I am ready to listen to what he has to say we are having a break”.

Torrance said: “He’s like a son to me and I hope we can get back together. We have been together for 15 years and I wasn’t really expecting this,but I know he has been unhappy. His game is in a bad shape because of his mind, I’ve said that to him,but he’s determined to make changes”.


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