Rebel Rebel Barton a 70’s throwback

Joseph Anthony Barton is the last of the mavericks. A hugely talented footballer who isn’t afraid to court controversy or give his opinions on the great and good in football. A guy from the wrong side of the tracks that any team would love to have him in the side and every opposition fan loves to abuse.

With his departure from Newcastle and seemingly destined to toughen up Spurs according to the Daily Mail, Barton’s controversial career is bound to entertain all football fans.

When the critics strip away their bias and, fair enough assault followed by a prison term isn’t a good example to set, Barton stands head and shoulders amongst his peers for sheer bloody mindedness and intelligence. His twitter comments regarding the Newcastle board were spot on and if pots want to call kettles black well Mike Ashley’s knowledge of football could be measured on a postage stamp. Newcastle’s player of the year last season, Joey was correct in calling the board to order. Kevin Nolan has gone and a relegation scrap awaits the Geordies.

Barton grew up in a tough council estate in Liverpool and that background instilled that sense of chippiness that has seen him stand his ground with various managers over the years. Trouble has followed him but he is neither the first nor the last to end up in court or prison for off the field issues. He does a lot of charity work and has battled back from his own personal issues.

Review Andy Carroll’s goals for the toon, most were set up by Barton. He is a terrific midfielder cut from the 70’s, a cross of Robin Friday, Stan Bowles and Graeme Souness. I’d wager any fan would love to see him in their side as you need a player like him to win a league.

His criticisms of the England team put an end to his international days but he was correct that they cashed in with witless autobiographies after the 2006 World Cup failure. He may have upset precious minded Frank Lampard but like Roy Keane on the Irish set up was only telling the truth.

This writer saw him play for Newcastle in a 5-1 defeat at Leyton Orient two seasons ago. Pre-Season or not he was the only united player to try that day and had time for the kids that swarmed around him after. A move to Spurs suits both player and side. Harry Redknapp misses steel in his team and Barton brings that and so much more. Would the media also take a punt on this forthright individual? I’d rather him than the inane babblings of Redknapp jnr any day.

Hugh Mcillvenny once described a similar bad boy Graeme Souness as ‘’Renoir with a razor blade’’, seems to sum up Joey perfectly.


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