Balotelli & Kolarov in training bust up

Controversial Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been involved in a training ground bust up with team-mate Aleksandar Kolarov.

The Italian striker squared up to Kolarov at Carrington on Thursday in the latest outburst of a troubled pre-season. It is only adding to what has been a troubled 12 months for the former Inter player.

The striker admitted last week that he was unhappy at the club and it was only his relationship with his team mates that was keeping him at Eastlands: ‘I’m not happy in Manchester, I don’t like the city. With the boss and the rest of the team I’m OK but the city is not up to my taste.’

After this weeks bust up there must now be a serious doubt about the players commitment to City and he could be on his way out the door if a significant offer is received. will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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