Outrage at 96 week ban for McCovern assault

Ulster San Francisco club chairman Joe Duffy has hit out at the 96-week ban imposed on Patrick Power for his assault of Mark Mc Govern in June.

Fermanagh born Mc Govern was knocked unconscious following the attack in a San Francisco senior championship game and had been in a coma until two weeks ago.

However, Eamonn Gormley, who chaired the San Francisco Competitions Control Committee, defended the punishment they handed down, believing that it was the correct move under the circumstances.

“Both clubs co-operated fully and we were fully satisfied about the investigation. It was the maximum penalty and we believe that it was a fair outcome.”

Joe Duffy remains unhappy with the ban however, believing that it was not consistent with other GAA suspensions.

“It doesn’t seem fair,” Duffy told the Irish Examiner.

“There have been a couple of cases where an official has been injured in games and it’s led to life bans. Mark has a brain injury, we don’t know the long-term consequences, he nearly died and yet they only give this guy a ban of less than two years. It makes no sense to me.

“There’s no equity. Mark’s medical bills are over a million dollars and that’s no exaggeration. His family are over from Ireland. The whole thing has been awful.

“At the end of the day, Mark is improving. We can be grateful for that.”


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