Rugby player banned for 18months

Doncaster rugby captain Shaun Leaf has been banned for 18 months after The Sun newspaper exposed him for betting on his side to lose a match.

Leaf, 27, placed a wager on his team to lose to Wakefield by more than 38 points in the Challenge Cup. He had £200 on the bet but was caught out by the tabloid and has now been hit with the heaviest ban possible for breaching the rules of betting on a game. The player also admitted that he placed a bet of £600 in 2009 on Doncaster to lose by more than 48 points against French team Toulouse.

Rugby league legend Alex Murphy felt that the ban did not go far enough to stamp out the prospect of players betting on the outcome of games:

“I think he’s a very lucky lad. If you bet on your own team to lose you should not be playing rugby league. A life ban should be given out. If you want to be a bookmaker, go into the betting business – there’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour.”


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