Colm Cooper one of the greatest ever talents

Kerry legend Mick O’Dwyer has described Colm Cooper as one of the greatest talents ever to grace the game.

O’Dwyer described Gooch’s second half performance against Mayo “as good as I have seen by any player in Croke Park.”

O’Dwyer added: “From the day that I saw him as a Kerry minor, I knew that he was going to be one of the great players of our time. He proved that again on Sunday but not alone that he proves it all the time. He was outstanding against Mayo. His second half display was as good as I have seen by any player in Croke Park.

“That’s how good it was and it’s how good Gooch is. He is one of the best players I have ever seen. He has all the skills, he is a good fielder, he is unselfish on the ball and he is a marvellous finisher with both his left and right leg, so he has all the qualities that are required to be a great player.

“He is one of a kind. We saw that again with his performance on Sunday.”


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