New format of the National League “a disaster”

Limerick hurler Donal O’Grady has described the new format of the National League as “a disaster”.

The Treaty side were promoted to Division 1 this year but have now been told that they will play in Division 1B of next year’s competition.

O’Grady feels that in effect Limerick have been returned to the second tier as Division 1B is merely Division 2 with a different name.

“It’s a disaster, not just from Limerick’s point of view but also for Wexford, Clare and Offaly,” O’Grady said. “It’s not giving the teams that are trying to catch up a fair chance of catching up.

“You have an elite bracket, and rightly so with Tipp, Kilkenny and a few more, but we need to be playing them to get closer.”

“Limerick have had enough hassle over the last few years. We’re on the way back and having won Division 2, we were expecting competitive matches in Division 1 and then to build for the future. Then you’re given a sucker punch like this.

“Even from a financial point of view, wouldn’t Limerick love to have Kilkenny and Tipp coming to the Gaelic Grounds? You would get great crowds and competitive matches.

“People don’t realise the advantage for a developing team playing against the big four or five.”


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