Serie A strike continues

The opening weekend of the Serie A has been cancelled due to the players going on strike. It has been a turbulent few weeks for European leagues, following La Liga’s cancellation last week due to the same reason.

The players union and the clubs union are at war over a new contract which ran out at the end of the last campaign.

A statement from the Players union, the AIC read: “The Players’ Union takes into account the Lega’s decision to turn down our last proposal and hence, confirms the intention of not going out on the pitch for the first round of Serie A games.”

There are two main conflicts which have led to the delayment of the start of the new season in Italy. The clubs want players who are not on the first team to train away from the first team and the other disagreement being that clubs want players to pay a new government tax that applies to high wage earners.

The captains from each of the 20 Serie A clubs signed a document earlier in the summer stating that if a new collective agreement was not signed then they would strike. Talks have gone on for weeks but finally the players have decided that a strike is needed and will not take to the pitch at the weekend.

It has also been confirmed that the new Serie A season will not start till 10th/11th September due to the international break next weekend. Problems in Italy have been an issue since the 2009-10 season but strikes have been averted at the last minute. This is the second players strike in Italy following a player strike in March 1996.

Written by Ryan Bailey, @ryanbaileysport


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