Kilkenny win 2011 All-Ireland Hurling Final

All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final

Kilkenny 2-17 v Tipperary 1-16, Croke Park 3.30pm

Kilkenny are the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions after they beat last year’s winners Tipperary 2-17 to 1-16 at Croke Park.

The Cats started brightly and opened up a 5 point lead that Tipperary could not overcome, despite a late fight back in the second half.

Kilkenny looked the better side from the get go and were quicker to the ball than Tipperary, who never really got going in the first half.

Brian Cody’s team put 5 on the board courtesy of Henry Shefflin, Richie Hogan and Eoin Larkin when Tipperary slowly started to get into the game more and pulled the deficit back to 2, thanks to the frees of Eoin Kelly.

It was 16 minutes into the game before Tipperary got onto the scoreboard however, a point that prove to be their downfall for the whole game as their forwards did not fire on all cylinders.

Tipperary were lucky not to be down by more in the first half but just as they were putting points on the board they were hit with a great Kilkenny goal, scored by Michael Fennelly and the Cats went in at half time 6 points in the lead.

There wasn’t much of a change to Tipp’s play at the start of the second half as the urgency Kilkenny showed during that half was not matched by Tipp once again and in the 49th minute they were made pay for this when Kilkenny got their second goal.

Eddie Brennan’s run into the box resulted in an opportunity for Richie Hogan who took a great first touch on his hurl and buried the ball past Brendan Cummins with his second touch.

Henry Shefflin followed this goal up with a point and it looked like Kilkenny were starting to pull away until substitute Pa Bourke fired in a goal for Tipperary in the 55th minute.

Bourke got on the end of a hand pass from Lar Corbett and beat Herity in the Kilkenny goal to pull Kilkenny’s lead back to just 4 points

The goal was exactly what Tipp needed but everytime they reduced the gap between the teams Kilkenny would re-establish it with another point and in the 60th minute Colin Fennelly got a very important point for the Cats as he made the lead stand at 5 points once again.

Shefflin and Kelly then exchanged points from frees as they scored 7 and 8 eight points each respectively.

Gearoid O’Ryan scored a point in injury time for Tipperary but it wasn’t enough as Kilkenny scored a point in the last minute to keep their lead to 4 points and the referee blew his whistle to end Tipp’s reign as champions and allow Brian Hogan to lift the Liam McCarthy Cup in front of the Kilkenny supporters.

Full time

Full time: It’s all over and Kilkenny are the All-Ireland Champions. Tipperary fought back late in the second half but they could not overturn the deficit from the first half. Kilkenny were brilliant and worth their win.

70min+2: Kilkenny score a point and that looks like it will be it.
70min+1: Gearoid O’Ryan from midfield for Tipp.
70min: At least 2 minutes of injury time as Tipp look for a goal.
69min: Richie Power scores for Kilkenny to keep the gap at 4 points.
68min: Free in to Tipperary just outside Kilkenny’s box. Eoin Kelly scores it.
66min: Shefflin equals Kelly’s point tally with his 7th point of the game from a free in.
64min: Eoin Kelly scores a point for Tipperary from a free in. That’s his 7th point of the game. Just 3 points in it now.
62min: Noel McGrath scores for Tipperary. The gap reduced back to 4 points.
60min: Colin Fennelly gets an important point for Kilkenny.
56min: Tipperary look more lively now with just 4 points in it as Kilkenny miss a point scoring chance.
55min: Pa Bourke gets on the end of a great hand pass by Lar Corbett to score Tipp’s first goal.
54min: Noel McGrath scores a great point for Tipp from a line ball at a tight angle.
53min: Shefflin scores from a free in. Kilkenny are pulling away from Tipp and are looking much stronger.
50min: John O’Brien pulls a point back for Tipperary.
49min: Richie Hogan scores a second goal for Kilkenny. Eddie Brennan’s run ends with a hand pass to Hogan who fires it into the Tipperary net. Great goal from the Kilkenny forward.
48min: Eoin Kelly scores from a free in.
46mins: Conor O’Mahony scores a good point for Tipperary. Their forwards will need to start contributing more to the scoreline.
44min: Richie Power scores another point for Kilkenny.
42min: Great point for Kilkenny from midfield.
41min: Eoin Kelly scores his 5th point of the game and Tipp’s 8th. Just 4 points behind now.
40min: Shefflin pulls a point back for Kilkenny.
39min: Benny Dunne makes no mistake with the first point of the second half for Tipp.
38min: Substitute Bourke shoots wide with his first opportunity of the game.
36min: Bourke and Dunne are on for Tipp as they replace Shane McGrath and Seamus Callaghan.

Half time: The ref blows the whistle for half time and Kilkenny have been the stronger team in the first 35 minutes and deserve their lead. Tipperary got off to a very slow start and will need to up their performance if they want to retain the Liam McCarthy Cup.

39min: Chance for Tipperary but Maher is tripped by a Kilkenny defender and Eoin Kelly scores a point from the free for Tipperary.
37min: Michael Rice scores a point for Kilkenny.
36min: Tipp hit back with a point but Kilkenny deserve their goal.
35min: Michael Fennelly scores a goal for Kilkenny. Great play by Kilkenny.
33min: Shefflin makes no mistake from a free in to Kilkenny and scores his third point of the game.
32min: Tipperary are challenging for the ball better than they had at the start of the game.
31min: Free in to Tipperary and Eoin Kelly puts it over the bar for a point for Tipp.
29min: Chance for Tipp as John O’Brien catches the ball in the Kilkenny box but the Cats’ defence does well to clear. Brendan Maher comes on for Tipperary as John O’Keefe makes way.
26min: Brendan Cummins’ huge free out from his own half goes into the Kilkenny box but no Tipp player can get on the end of it.
24min: Richie Power’s brilliant run is finished with a point for Eddie Brennan and Kilkenny keep the gap at 3 points.
24min: Eoin Kelly scores from the free as the game gets back underway.
20min: A bit of afters just outside the Kilkenny box leads to the referee getting accidentally clipped with a hurl and he will require attention so the game stops.
19min: Eoin Kelly narrows the gap to three with a point from a free for Tipp.
16min: Finally Noel McGrath gets Tipperary off the mark with a point.
15min: Shefflin scores again after a great leap from Tommy Walsh who sent the ball down the field for Shefflin to finish.
14min: Shefflin gets his first point from open play and Kilkenny keep attacking. Tipperary have barely had it the ball in Kilkenny’s half.
13min: Hogan sends the ball into Larkin and the ball misses Brendan Cummins and nearly rolls over the line but Tipp’s Paul Curran is on hand to stop it on the line and clear.
12min: Richie Hogan makes it 3 to Kilkenny. Good point for the Cats.
9min: Kilkenny are having the better of the play so far but they still have not scored anymore than the 2 points they already have.
7min: Eoin Kelly puts the 65 just left of the post and wide.
6min: Tipperary have a line ball put over for the game’s first 65.
4min: Eoin Larkin puts the ball over the bar for Kilkenny’s second point.
3min: Goal-scoring chance for Kilkenny but the Tipp defence does well to block Eoin Larkin.
2min: Henry Shefflin puts the first point on the board for Kilkenny with a free in from 30yards.
0min: The teams are out and we’re nearly ready to get underway for the final at Croke Park.


Kilkenny: David Herity; Paul Murphy, Noel Hickey, Jackie Tyrrell; Tommy Walsh, Brian Hogan (capt), JJ Delaney; Michael Fennelly, Michael Rice; Eddie Brennan, Richie Power, Henry Shefflin; Colin Fennelly, Eoin Larkin, Richie Hogan.

Substitutes: PJ Ryan, Michael Kavanagh, John Dalton, Paddy Hogan, Conor Fogarty, James ‘Cha’ Fitzpatrick, TJ Reid, John Mulhall, Mathew Ruth, Aidan Fogarty, Richie Doyle.

Tipperary: 1. Brendan Cummins, 2. Paddy Stapleton, 3. Paul Curran, 4. Michael Cahill 5. John O’Keeffe, 6. Conor O’Mahony, 7. Padraic Maher, 8. Gearóid Ryan, 9. Shane McGrath, 10. Noel McGrath, 11. Seamus Callanan, 12. Patrick Maher, 13. Eoin Kelly (captain), 14. John O’Brien, 15. Lar Corbett


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