Galway win 2011 Minor Hurling Final

All Ireland Minor Hurling Championship Final

Dublin 1-12 v Galway 1-21, Croke Park 1.15pm

Full Time


Full Time: A more skillfull Galway side proved too much to handle for a promising Dublin team as the tribesmen lift the Irish Press Cup for the ninth time in the competitions history
63 mins: A last minute Kilkenny goal only serves as a consolation prize for Dublin as Galway celebrate an emphatic victory and their first All-Ireland title since 2009
62: Disappointing display from a hotly tipped Dublin side as Galway put on a masterclass of point taking
61 mins: Game enters extra time as Clabby puts free into Dublin forward line
59 mins: The victory must be beyond doubt now as captain Moloney slices open Dublin defence for Galway’s first goal of the match
59 mins: Pádraic Brehony get his fourth point of the All-Ireland final for Galway
58 mins: Yellow card for Jason Flynn as Kilkenny converts resulting free
56 mins: Galway have one hand on the Irish Press Cup as Darragh Dolan gets his first point and Galway’s 20th of the day so far
55 mins: Aodhán Clabby reduces the gap to eight for Dublin but is it too little too late for the young dubs?
54 mins: Point number three for Jason Flynn
54 mins: An outstanding running effort from Brehony as he gets another for Galway
51 mins: Gap is reduced to seven once more as Dublin respond with point
50 mins: Galway attack punish Dublin once more as Jack Carr puts over great long-range effort
50 mins: Good defensive play from Galway scuppers Dublin goal chance
48 mins: Paul Winters puts over well taken free for Dublin as his side struggles for scores. Seven between the sides
44 mins: Dublin get another to reduce gap slightly to eight points
42 mins: Gerard O’ Donoghue with possible goal chance but puts it over instead. Galway in cruise control now as Dublin fail to find scores
40 mins: The captain converts as Galway remain comfortably ahead
40 mins: Moloney taken down as the corner-forward bears down on goal. 20 metre free just outside penalty area
39 mins: Pádraic Brehony gets another for Galway to widen the gap to seven once more
38 mins: Good response from Dublin and Kilkenny with fantastic point following a great catch from the classy half forward
37 mins: Dean Higgins fouled as Moloney steps up to convert yet another free
36 mins: Captain Moloney puts it high and over the bar. He’s having a great game for the Westeners
35 mins: Good score by wing back Matthew McCaffrey as Dublin get another
34 mins: Seven wides apiece for the sides as Jack Carr misses one for Galway
31 mins: Dublin need to stop conceding frees as Moloney converts another to put Galway six ahead.
30 mins: Aodhán Clabby gets Dublin off to perfect second-half start with point in the first minute
Half time: Dublin with a mountain to climb in the second half as Galway lead by six points at half time. The tribesmen are in cruise control after strong start from Dublin.
31 mins: Dean Higgins gets another for Galway in extra-time.
30 mins: Shane Moloney falters for the first time with poor wide from free. Galway five ahead.
29 mins: Shane Moloney is enjoying a masterclass of free-taking with another for the corribsiders.
28 mins: Double scores as Dublin look in trouble
27 mins: Brehony nicely picks out Flynn to get his second point and Galway’s eight.
25 mins: Shane Moloney gets his second from play. Galway three ahead.
24 mins: Galway are using the ball better as Jason Flynn points to put them two points ahead once more. Game yet to ignite.
20 mins: Good hands from Galway keeper Shane Mannion following some good attacking play from Dublin
20 mins: Paul Winters tags Dublin back to within one point of Galway with his first free of the day.
19 mins: Captain Shane Moloney is first Galway forward to score from play as the boys from the West go two ahead
18 mins: Galway forwards yet to score from play with only one Dublin forward off the mark for the metropolitans
15 mins: Galway take advantage of Dublin defensive errors as Shane Moloney converts free to put Galway ahead for the first time of the match.
12 mins: The impressive Kilkenny opens his account with Dublin’s third but Pádraic Brehony points to put Galway level once more.
11 mins: Shane Moloney hits a wide for Galway as the tribesmen enjoy a better period of play
10 mins: Galway match Dublin score for score as wing back Adrian Tuohy equalises.
9 mins: Colm Cronin gets his second and also Dublin’s second with excellent long-range effort.
8 mins: Shane Moloney gets Galway off the mark with well taken free. Score is one point apiece.
7 mins: Free for Galway after foul on Jason Flynn
6 mins: Dublin dominating midfield with Kilkenny coming in to assist
4 mins: Dublin off to the best start but failing to convert early chances. Kilkenny hits his third wide of the game for Dublin.
2 mins: Midfielder Colm Cronin gets the first score of the All-Ireland final and opens Dublin’s account
2 mins: The dangerous Ciarán Kilkenny gets off to a good start for Dublin but his long range effort sails wide
1 min: First wide of the afternoon for Galway’s Shane Moloney
0 mins: Play is under way.


DUBLIN – Cormac Ryan; Eric Lowndes, Cian O’Callaghan, Seán McClelland; Chris Crummey, Jamie Desmond, Matthew McCaffrey; Colm Cronin, Glenn Whelan; Emmet Ó Conghaile, Conor McHugh, Ciarán Kilkenny; Cormac Costello, Aodhán Clabby, Paul Winters.

GALWAY – Shane Mannion; Cormac Diviney, Paul Killeen, Pádraic Mannion; Adrian Tuohy, Seán Sweeney, John Hansbury; Pádraic Brehony, Dean Higgins; Jason Flynn, Jonathan Glynn, Billy Lane; Gerard O’Donoghue, Jack Carr, Shane Moloney.


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