RTE Hurling Team of Year 2011

There were eight players from Kilkenny, four from Tipperary two from Dublin and one from Waterford.

1. Gary MaGuire Dublin
2. Paul Murphy Kilkenny
3. Paul Curran Tipperary
4. Michael Cahill Tipperary
5. Tommy Walsh Kilkenny
6. Brian Hogan Kilkenny
7. Padraic Maher Tipperary
8. Michael Fennelly Kilkenny
9. Liam Rushe Dublin
10. John Mullane Waterford
11. Riche Power Kilkenny
12. Henry Sheflin Kilkenny
13. Colm Fennelly Kilkenny
14. Lar Corbett Tipperary
15. Riche Hogan Kilkenny

JJ Delaney from Kilkenny won the RTE man of the match for the All-Ireland final.

Michael Fennelly won player of the year.
Liam Rushe won young player of the year.


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