Watch Serena Williams’ ugly outburst

Serena Williams is under investigation by US Open officials after directing an angry rant at the the umpire during her final loss to Australian Sam Stosur yesterday.

The volatile American received a code violation for celebrating winning a shot by shouting “come on” before the ball had reached Stosur – which under grand slam rules constitutes a ‘deliberate hindrance’ as Williams intentionally shouted before the point had come to an end.

Williams, who went on to lose the final 6-2 6-3, turned her ire at the decision towards the chair umpire Eva Asderaki saying “I truly despise you” before calling her “unattractive inside”, a “loser” and telling her ‘if you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way.”

The three-time US Open champion continued her tirade during the next break and refused to shake Asderaki’s hand after the match though she did lighten up enough to congratulate Stosur and share a joke with the newly crowned champion.

In the post-match press conference Williams refused to apologise or discuss the incident.

The United States Tennis Association has yet to announce the outcome of their investigation though the outcome may well be severe.

Williams is currently on probation for an incident during her semi-final loss to Kim Clijsters in 2009 when she threatened a line judge following a contentious foot-fault ruling.

She was fined $82,500 on that occasion and warned that the fine would be doubled and she could be suspended from other grand slams if she committed another “major offense” in the next two years.

A statement from the organisers today said: ‘Any impact this code violation might have on Serena Williams’ Grand Slam probation would require the incident being ruled a major event. That determination will be made by the Grand Slam Committee Director.


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