USA beat a brave Russian team by 7pts

Eddie O’Sullivan’s USA team struggled to beat a brave Russian team, the game was littered with mistakes and some of the worst place kicking and kicking from the hands the World Cup will see in 2011.

Russia 6-13 USA, Taranaki, New Plymouth, 8:30am, 1930 NZ
78min (RUS) Konstantin Rachkov Penalty
73min (RUS) Yury Kushnarev Missed Penalty
64min (USA) Chris Wyles Penalty
63min (USA) Chris Wyles Missed Drop Goal
58min (USA) Chris Wyles Missed Penalty
49min (RUS) Yury Kushnarev Missed Penalty
33min (USA) Chris Wyles Missed Penalty
22min (USA) Chris Wyles Missed Penalty
20min (USA) Chris Wyles Conversion
19min (USA) Mike Petri TRY
12min (USA) Chris Wyles Penalty
8min (RUS) Yury Kushnarev Missed Penalty
3min (RUS) Yury Kushnarev Penalty

Live Commentary
80min Russia attack inside the American 22. But they knock on. Game over.
79min Russia win another penalty after a great breakaway, they are just outside the American 22.
78min Konstantin Rachkov kicks the penalty over. 6-13 USA
78min Russia get another penalty, this time they go for the posts.
77min Awful kick for the corner goes over the endline. Scrum for USA.
76min Another penalty for Russia, thats six in the last five minutes.
75min Russia lose the throw and the ball is kicked to near half way.
74min USA give away another penalty, this time its kicked to four metres from the American tryline.
73min Awful kick by Yury Kushnarev which goes miles wide.
71min Fight breaks out, Russia have a penalty in front of the posts.
70min Russia win a penalty on the USA 10m line, they go for the throw outside the 22, very poor kick.
68min Tim Usasz comes on at scrum half. Russia have a throw just outside the USA 22.
67min Knocked on by Russia, American scrum.
67min Russia have a scrum inside the USA 22.
66min Russian throw on half way.
64min Wyles kicks the Americans into a ten point lead.
64min USA win another penalty, Wyles cannot miss this.
63min Chris Wyles misses an easy drop goal attempt.
61min USA attacking 12-14 metres from the Russian try line.
60min USA win another penalty, the Russian look to be getting tired.
59min The penalty is hit off the post, Russia easily clear the ball to half way.
58min Good kick by Wyles, USA win a penalty on the Russian 10m line.
57min Forward pass from Eddie’s eagles, Russia clear the ball to over half way.
56min USA inches from the try line.
54min USA win a throw inside the Russian 22, great play by Chris Wyles.
53min USA attacking on the Russian 10m line, they win a scrum.
50min Great tackle by MacDonald, USA win a penalty Russia holding on.
49min (RUS) Yury Kushnarev drops the penalty short, USA clear to near half way and they go on the attack.
48min Russia win a penalty, USA coming in form the side, Its on the 10m line and Kushnarev will kick it.
47min Russia attacking just outside the American 22. Ball kicked too far, USA 22 drop out.
45min USA steal the ball but knock it forward.
43min Russia kick the ball to half way, USA attack. Ball is kicked out on the full, Russia throw on half way.
41min USA kick off the 2nd half.
40min USA lose the scrum, Russia attack on the American 22 but they knock on, Dave Pearson blows the half time whistle.
39min USA scrum on their own 10m line.
38min Really poor match with so many basic mistake from both sides. USA could really open the Russians up in the second half and win by 20pts +
36min USA penalised for a forward pass, Russian scrum on half way.
35min USA win a throw on the Russian 10m line.
34min Takudzwa knocks on for USA on half way, Russian scrum.
33min Shocking penalty from Chris Wyles, worst miss of the World Cup so far.
32min USA win a penalty, Russia not rolling away.
32min USA attacking metres from the Russian try line, it seems only a matter of time before they win a penalty or get a try.
30min Poor clearing kick from Kushnarev, USA throw 12metres from the Russian try line.
29min More good defending from Russia on their own try line, they win another scrum.
29min USA win a free kick, Russia engage too early.
28min USA going through the phases but they once more knock the ball on.
26min USA on the attack again, they are only 9meters from the Russian try line.
24min USA getting on top now. They go on the attack but knock on.
23min Chris Wyles kicks the penalty wide.
22min Russia lose the ball, USA go on the attack and win a penalty on the Russian 10m line.
21min Russia on the attack just outside the USA 22.
19min Mike Petri gets a break away try for USA. Chris Wyles kicks the conversion.
18min Artem Fatakhov penalised for not releasing , USA win a penalty and have a throw on half way.
17min Russia on the attack, USA throw three metres from their own try line.
16min Poor clearance by USA, Russia throw outside the USA 22.
15min Russian throw on the USA 22. Russia lose their 3rd line out.
14min Russia attacking on the Russian 22, but are penalised for going off their feet.
12min Chris Wyles kicks the penalty over with plenty to spare.
11min Russia lose a line out and USA go on the attack, USA win a penalty just on the 10m line.
9min The penalty drops short, ball is cleared to halfway where USA win a scrum.
7min Russia win a penalty on half way, America penalised for holding on. Kushnarev is going to kick it.
6min Russia throw just inside their own 22. Well taken and cleared to half way.
4min USA attack just outside the Russian 22.
3min Yury Kushnarev kicks the penalty over the black spot. 3-0 Russia.
2min Russia win a penalty under the posts.
1min Russia get the game underway. Russia attack just outside the 22.
0min Russia start their World Cup against USA, Eddie O’Sullivans USA put up a brave show against Ireland so it will be interesting to see how they do.

Russia: Igor Klyuchnikov, Vladimir Ostroushko, Konstantin Rachkov, Alexey Makovetskiy, Vasily Artemyev, Yury Kushnarev, Alexander Shakirov; Vyacheslav Grachev, Artem Fatakhov, Denis Antonov, Alexander Voytov, Ivan Prishchepenko, Vladislav Korshunov (captain), Sergey Popov. Replacements: Valery Tsnobiladze, Alexander Khronkin, Vladimir Botvinnikov, Adam Byrnes, Victor Gresev, Alexander Yanyushkin, Andrey Kuzin.

United States: Chris Wyles, Takudzwa, Paul Emerick, Andrew Suniula, James Paterson, Roland Suniula, Mike Petri, Nic Johnson, Todd Clever (captain), Louis Stanfil, Hayden Smith, John van der Giessen, Matekitonga Moeakiola, Chris Biller, Mike MacDonald. Replacements: Phil Thiel, Shawn Pittman, Scott LaValla, Pat Danahy, Tim Usasz, Nese Malifa, Blaine Scully.



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