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Dublin 1-12 v Kerry 1-11

full time played

Full time Dublin have produced a wonderful finish to claim their first All Ireland since 1995. Report to follow.
72min Cluxton does it, lovely free and Dublin are ahead.
72min Cluxton with a chance to win a first All Ireland since 1995, needs a big kick here
71min Dublin win it though. Wasted by Kerry, Dublin win a free in though, this to win it.
71min Silly there as Dublin win a free then have it over turned for a push on the face
70min Donaghy levels it, great kick. 1-11 each. Two minutes of added time.
69min McAuley with a wide that could have sealed it. Dubs on top though.
69min Bernard Brogan with his 6th of the day puts Dublin one ahead, what a finish
65min Dublin have another free now and they level it though Kevin Nolan, his first ever Championship point, 1-10 a piece. 35 metres out there. 5th time the sides are level.
64min Brosnan goes off. Dublin take a quick free and the dub’s have a goal, Kevin McManamon with a fine finish. 1-10 to 1-09. A point in it. Grandstand finish coming up.
63min Cooper takes his personal tally to 1-03 with a lovely point. 1-10 to 0-09 7 minutes to go
63min Kerry with a big effort but it goes wide. Bastick meanwhile off for Dublin
62min Dublin making silly mistakes now, Connolly slips and handles the ball on the ground, Kerry free
Cooper adds the extra’s, three ahead now.
60min Poor from Galvin as he fists it to a blue short but he’s left off the hook as Dublin lose it and eventually give away another free. Poor by Cian O’Sullivan
59min Dublin break but McManamon’s effort is poor and in to the hands of Kealy – Kerry have it again
58min Stopped on the line by Cluxton. 12 minutes to go now. Great goal keeping.
58min Another silly free to give away, a chance for Sheehan to put Kerry three up
55min O’Sullivan fouled and Sheehan has another chance, another yellow card too for McManamon, Sheehan gets it. They now two up 1-08 to 0-09 points.
54min Lovely effort from Sheehan, great 45. Kerry back in front. 1-07 to 0-09
52min Brogan makes no mistake to level it again 0-09 to 1-06 4th time we’re level
51min Cahill breaks well and McManamon free in the square but he doesn’t get it. Ref awards a free for touching the ball on the ground
50min Sheehan with a fine point, Kerry lead by one. 1-06 to 0-08
48min Brogan gets a chance, great win but Galvin does enough to put him off and the ball goes wide
47min Kerry on top last few minutes now and getting more and more into it. Free to Dublin though in the middle of the park, Cahill takes it
46min Cluxton caught out and Kerry feed the ball back but O’Se’s effort sails wide. James McCarthy off for Dublin, McMahon on.
45min Copper levels it, third time we’re level
45min O’Sullivan goes off to fix a bloody nose, O’Leary on for a few minutes
46min Cluxton caught out and Kerry feed the ball back but O’Se’s effort sails wide. James McCarthy off for Dublin, McMahon on.
45min Copper levels it, third time we’re level
45min O’Sullivan goes off to fix a bloody nose, O’Leary on for a few minutes
44min Declan O’Sullivan fouled, chance to level here. Brennan with a dangerous tackle gets a booking.
43min Two in row as Donaght fisted it over, could have been a goal there
43min Sheehan gets Kerry first free of the day, 2 points in it
42min Sheehan fouled and Kerry have a free in a nice position
40min Declan O’Sullivan kicks wide under pressure, a sixth Kerry wide
39min Bastick with a lovely point, good work by Brogan too before it. Dublin on top, they look fitter and up for it but write off Kerry at your peril
39min No problem for Bernard Brogan, handy kick.
38min Sheehan fouls McAuley as he bore down on goal, easy chance for Brogan now
38min Brennan loses it but his team mates help him and they break
37min Dublin free as McAuley is fouled its in their own half though, Kerry win and it
36min Second half gets underway and just like the first Dublin open with a wide
Half time: Dublin head into the first half cuppa a point ahead of Kerry, its been low scoring but its been a entertaining clash. Colm Cooper’s goal on 19 minutes lit up Croke Park however Dublin have stuck to their task with the Brogan brother’s Alan and Bernard netting four points for the Dubs between them.
Added time Cooper puts it wide, the wind played a factor there it looks like. Dublin should go in a point up as there are only seconds left.
Added time Anthony Maher is fouled and Kerry have a free in a decent position, bit out though.
35min Bernard Brogan misses with that effort. Six wides to four now.
34min Cluxton with a short kick and Dublin attack, winning a free in a good position. 2 minutes of added time
33min Chance for Kerry to get only their third score with a sheehan free but its short however Galvin pounces to score
32min Alan Brogan gets his third of the day, and his second free as Dublin go two ahead.
28min Superb point by Bernard Brogan to put the Dub’s ahead,. Great kick.
28min The keeper levels it, 2nd time we’re level now. His 11th point of the championship
27min Dublin free and again Cluxton makes his way up, its 50 yards out.
26min WHAT A BLOCK!! Cian O’Sullivan does well at the other end to deny Cooper
25min Connolly does well with 3 men on his but his effort is poor in the end. Kerry still ahead
25min SAVE! Kealy makes a superb save from Alan Brogan who takes a pass from Bernard and looked odds’ on to score. Great save.
23min O’Carroll the third man to go into the book. Galvin is on, O’Leary is off.
23min Bit of off the ball there between O’Carroll and O’Sullivan, the ref has a chat with the umpires, big call here now.
22min Free in to Dublin, good run by Cahill whose taken down. O’Mahoney gets a card. Bernard Brogan get’s the free.
21min Galvin is getting ready to come on, what a boost for Kerry to have a player like that on the bench. Dublin defending well meanwhile on the pitch
20min Bastick goes for a point but it lack’s power and Kealy collects
19min That was Cooper’s 18th championship goal, it was a lovely finish too. Dublin’s response is poor with a ball down the channels going wide.
18min GOAL! Great goal by Cooper but O’Sullivan was the creator with a lovely run
16min Kevin Nolan is down after taking an arm to the face
15min Brogan get’s his and Dublin’s second.
11min Alan Brogan gets Dublin up and running, nice work from his brother there in the build up.
11min Cluxton misses, the third wide of the day so far for the Dubs
10min Dublin free, Cluxton makes his way up to take
9min O’Sullivan touches the ball on the ground, free out to Dublin
8min Walsh fails to control a loose ball and it goes wide, Kerry on top at the moment
7min Cluxton gets a fist on a Kerry effort, very assured there with O’leary threatening
6min Dublin struggling to get on the ball – Connolly misses out on a long kick as Kerry collect and push forward
5min Brennan does well there on Sheehan pushing him out wide, the Kerry man get a shot in but its wide
4min Alan Brogan drags an effort wide, Dublin yet to get off the mark
3min O’Sullivan does well on Brosnan and Dublin break but Kealy does well in the Kerry goal
2min Declan O’Sullivan gets the opening point for Kerry with a fisted effort
1min First wide of the day goes to Dublin as Brogan just misses out there on Connolly lost pass
1min We’re underway Dublin playing left to right, Kerry win the first ball but Dublin win it back
0min The Anthem has just finished and we’re almost underway
0min The dublin players are now in their huddle, big day for them should be a good day. There’s a light mist here, Kerry now doing their huddle.

Kerry – Brendan Kealy, Killian Young, Marc Ó Sé, Tom O’Sullivan, Tomas Ó Sé, Eoin Brosnan, Aidan O’Mahony, Anthony Maher, Bryan Sheehan, Darran O’Sullivan, Declan O’Sullivan, Donnchadh Walsh, Colm Cooper, Kieran Donaghy, Kieran O’Leary.

Dublin – S Cluxton; C O’Sullivan, R O’Carroll, M Fitzsimons; J McCarthy, G Brennan, K Nolan; MD Macauley, D Bastick; P Flynn, B Cahill, B Cullen; A Brogan, D Connolly, B Brogan

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