Italy gain easy bonus point win over Russia

Italy gained an easy bonus point win against Russia, the Italian side scored nine tries.

Italy captain Sergio Parisse said “We are really happy with the victory. It gives the team a chance of qualifying. We have to improve, especially in defence.”

Italy 53-17 Russia, Trafalgar Park, Nelson. Kick-off: 8:30pm
78min (I) Tommaso Benvenuti missed conversion
77min (I) Alessandro Zanni try
73min (R) Konstantin Rachkov missed conversion
72min (R) Alexei Makovetsky try
65min (I) Tommaso Benvenuti missed conversion
64min (I) Luke McLean try
51min (R) Konstantin Rachkov missed conversion
50min (R) Vladimir Ostroushko try
49min (I) Tommaso Benvenuti missed conversion
48min (I) Tommaso Benvenuti try
38min (I) Riccardo Bocchino conversion
37min (I) Edoardo Gori try
35min (R) Konstantin Rachkov conversion
35min (R) Alexander Yanyushkin try
29min (I) Riccardo Bocchino conversion
29min (I) Penalty try
25min (I) Riccardo Bocchino conversion
24min (I) Giulio Toniolatti try
18min (I) Riccardo Bocchino missed conversion
17min (I) Tommaso Benvenuti try
15min (I) Riccardo Bocchino missed conversion
14min (I) Giulio Toniolatti try
7min (I) Riccardo Bocchino conversion
6min (I) Sergio Parisse try
3min (I) Riccardo Bocchino missed penalty

Live score commentary
79min Italian throw on halfway.
77min Russia lose the scrum and Alessandro Zanni goes over for Italy.
77min Russian Vyacheslav Grachev wins the man of the match for Russia.
77min Another Russian scrum inside their own 22.
75min Russian scrum on their own 22.
73min Konstantin Rachkov misses the conversion.
71min Alexei Makovetsky goes over in the corner for Russia.
70min Russia knock on, Italian scrum on the Russian 10m line.
67min Russia knock on and Italy breakaway. Russia scrum twelve metres from their own line.
66min Russia win a penalty and kick it to three metres from the Italian try line.
64min Great break away try from Luke McLean for Italy.
64min Russia lose the ball, Italian scrum on half way.
63min Russia attacking on half way.
59min They lose the throw and Russia go on the attack.
58min Italian throw twelve metres from the Russian try line.
57min Lots of problems in the scrum, its been reset three times.
53min Italy attacking on the Russian 22, they win a penalty.
51min Rachkov misses the conversion.
50min Vladimir Ostroushko gets over in the corner for a try for Russia.
49min Tommaso Benvenuti misses the conversion
48min Italy looked to have scored a try, but it goes up to TMO. Tommaso Benvenuti gets his 2nd try.
45min Italy lose the ball and Russia go on the attack.
43min Italian scrum on the Russian 10m line.
41min Italian scrum on half way.
40min Russia throw on halfway. Half time
37min Edoardo Gori goes over under the posts for Italy. Riccardo Bocchino kicks the easy conversion.
36min Italy have a scrum on the Russian 22.
35min Russia score their first ever world cup try by Alexander Yanyushkin.
33min Russia attacking on the Italian 22,
30min Russia have a throw on the Italian 22. They lose the throw.
29min Penalty try for Italy followed by an easy conversion.
27min Italy win a penalty six metres form the Russian try line. They take a scrum.
24min Giulio Toniolatti gets over for a break away try for Italy, Riccardo Bocchino kicks conversion.
22min Russia win the ball and attack on the Italian 10m line.
20min Forward pass by Russia, Italian scrum on their own 22.
18min Russia attacking 30metres for the Italian line.
16min Awful play by Russia leads to the 3rd try for Italy, Tommaso Benvenuti in the corner. Riccardo Bocchino misses the conversion
14min Russia knock on and Giulio Toniolatti gets over in the corner for Italy.
13min Italy knock on, Russia scrum five metres from their own line.
12min Italy metres from the try line.
9min Italy attacking on the Russian 22. They win a penalty and kick for the corner once again.
7min Sergio Parisse goes over for Italy for their first try. Bocchino kicks the conversion.
6min Russia give away another penalty, Italy kick it into the corner.
5min Italy win a penalty, Russia offside. They are attacking inside the 22.
3min Poor kick by Riccardo Bocchino goes wide.
2min Italy win a penalty in front of the posts on the 10m line.
1min Awful kick off by Russia goes straight out, Italy scrum on halfway.
0min Italy will be looking for a bonus point victory against the worst team in the Irish group.

Team News
Italy: Andrea Masi, Giulio Toniolatti, Tommaso Benvenuti, Matteo Pratichetti, Luke McLean, Riccardo Bocchino, Edoardo Gori; Salvatore Perugini, Fabio Ongaro, Lorenzo Cittadini, Quintin Geldenhuys, Marco Bortolami, Paul Derbyshire, Mauro Bergamasco, Sergio Parisse (captain).
Replacements: Tommaso D’Apice, Martin Castrogiovanni, Cornelius van Zyl, Alessandro Zanni, Pablo Canavosio, Gonzalo Canale, Alberto Sgarbi

Russia: Igor Klyuchnikov, Vasili Artemyev, Andrei Kuzin, Alexei Makovetsky, Vladimir Ostroushko, Konstantin Rachkov, Alexander Shakirov; Vladimir Botvinnikov, Vladislav Korshunov (captain), Ivan Prishchepenko, Alexander Voitov, Adam Byrnes, Vyacheslav Grachev, Andrei Garbuzov, Viktor Gresev.
Replacements: Valery Tsnobiladze, Alexander Khrokin, Denis Antonov, Artem Fatakhov, Alexander Yanyushkin, Mikhail Sidorov, Yuri Kushnarev.


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