O’Connor had a poor day at the office – O’Se

Kerry legend Dara O’Se said he felt that the team management did not make the best decisions in Sunday’s All Ireland Final,and believes that it was a game that the Kingdom could have won,if the correct moves had been made.

Writing in his weekly column in the Irish Times, O’Se was particularly critical of the timing of Paul Galvin’s introduction and the decision to move Kieran Donaghy from midfield:

“In all honesty, I think Jack O’Connor had a poor day at the office. He forced the issue with Paul Galvin, leaving him on the sideline from the start and then bringing him in when he wasn’t needed. Kieran O’Leary was doing okay and Kieran Donaghy was doing even better.

“The other consequence of bringing Galvin on was it moved Donaghy away from the area where he was doing damage. This was easily Donaghy’s best game of the year. In those first 20 minutes, he was dominating possession from both kick-outs. He was drifting over and back across the pitch, leading by example, horsing into fellas and tearing into the Dubs.

After Donaghy left the middle of the pitch, Dublin began to gain more possession and suddenly they were back in a game that they had struggled in for the opening minutes. O’Se felt that Kerry could have closed the game out in the latter stages and won by four or five points. He was also of the opinion that Eoin Brosnan should not have been substituted as he had held the half back line together and Dublin only really threatened once he was out of the game.

The Gaeltacht man feels that a number of the older members of the squad may now decide to retire from the game, but felt that they should be given time to decide on their futures and not be pressured into doing so.


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