Irish men dominate European Pentathlon

Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe and Eanna Bailey were in impressive form in the qualification competition at the Junior European Men’s Modern
Pentathlon Championships. Both Irish athletes dominated their semi final groups, topping the overall standings at the end of the competition.

Eanna was seeded in group A and started with fencing while Arthur was in group B beginning with swimming. Eanna fenced well from the beginning,
scoring 7 victories and 4 defeats after the first 5 rounds. His form continued throughout the competition, and finished with 17 victories and
10defeats for a total of 936 pentathlon points – 5th position in the event. Over at the pool, Arthur showed some good swimming form and
posted the 3rd fastest time in his qualification group of 2:02,53 for 1332 pentathlon points.

The semi final groups swapped sporting venues Eanna headed to the pool and Arthur to the fencing hall. Arthur started off in great fashion,
going unbeaten for the first seven bouts. Again, Arthur was able tomaintain his form throughout the fencing and finished with 18 victories
and just 9 defeats for 968 pentathlon points – 3rd position in the fencing event. This moved Arthur up to the top of the leader board after
two events. Eanna also posted the 3rd fastest time in his semi final, swimming 2:04,51 for 1308 pentathlon points, moving him up to equal 3rd
after two events.

Onto the combined run/shoot event where the top 18 athletes from each group were looking to qualify for the final. Group A was scheduled first
and Eanna started 4seconds behind the overall event leader. Anexcellent shooting performance by Eanna saw him miss one shot on each of
the three series and spend a mere 41 seconds on the shooting range in total.

Impressive shooting, meant that he opened up a large gap over the rest of the field going into the final 1km run which allowed Eanna an
easy run home in the hope of conserving energy for the final. Arthur was the top athlete in group A and went into the run/shoot with the other
athletes all following after him. A solid shoot performance from Arthur saw him create a massive gap over the 2nd placed athlete and he also
enjoyed a very relaxed final kilometer run home. Both Irish pentathletes will now contest the final of the Junior European Championships on
Saturday 24th where we will be hoping for further performances as displayed in the semi final stage.

Natalya Coyle contested the women’s final today after safely coming through the qualification competition on Wednesday. Natalya finished
15th in the Women’s European Junior Final and excellent result for the Trinity College student


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