Diving referee causes riot in Brazil

We all know that ‘diving’ footballers has been the bane of referees lives for years, however one referee, obviously inspired by some of the theatrics that has crossed his footballing path decided the time was right to get in on the act himself.

The unnamed “Diver” I mean erm, referee was taking charge of a Brazilian league match between Worker and Mirassol, when he became embroiled in a heated discussion with an angry Mirassol player who was incensed after the referee sent off one of his team mates.

As the argument became more heated the Mirassol played goes for the referee forced the man in the middle to fall to the deck like a sack of potatoes

While at this point we are not sure whether the resulting riot was caused by the players suddenly releasing that an outsider had learned their dark art or by the actual decision was is apparent is that riot police was required to keep the situation from spilling over.


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