Bayern Munich too strong for Man City

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Bayern Munich 2 – 0 Manchester City
Gomez ’38
Gomez ’45
Full time

Full time Bayern served notice that they are a force to be reckoned with in Europe this year while the City players should look on it as a learning experience as they were so far off the pace in the second half. Mancini’s substitutions were unorthodox but his side didn’t perform and he can’t be blamed for that. A comfortable win for Bayern, a tough lesson for City
91min Kolarov gets into the box but can’t quite get the purchase on his shot, goal kick to Bayern
89min Bayern Sub: Arjen Robben comes on for Ribery, the Frenchman has been fantastic tonight
87min The Bayern fans are giving their side a standing ovation, and you’d have to say it’s deserved
86min City may look back on this with regret, Van Buyten and Boateng are not exactly stoic defenders and with the attacking threat that Mancini has he could have got some value out of them
83min Good shot from Kolarov but Neuer takes it
82min Bayern Sub: Toni Kross off for Anatoliy Tymoschuk
81min Milner runs without purpose towards four Bayern players and it’s out for a Bayern goal kick
80min Anatoliy Tymoschuk (try saying that ten times fast) is warming up as City enjoy a rare bit of possession
79min Kroos’ crossing (try saying that ten times fast) has been great tonight
78min Kroos crosses, Muller heads, Hart touches but Gomez can’t get to it
77min Brotherly love, Kolo gets a yellow for a foul on Ribery, free to Bayern on left hand corner of the box
76min Yaya Toure rakes Ribery’s shin and picks up a yellow card, the Bayern fans mockingly start a chant of ‘Football’s coming home’
74min Neuer takes off his nightcap and takes Milner’s weak ball easily
73min Kolarov makes some ground and wins a free about 30 yards out, the Bayern defence will have to wake up Neuer before it’s taken
72min Man City Sub: Kolarov on for Barry, another penny for Tevez’s thoughts now
71min Muller’s shot is blocked by Kolo, falls to Schweinsteiger who shoots from distance and Hart can only put it out for a corner
70min Schweinsteiger twists and turns to keep possession before laying it back to his defence, stylish and efficient – sums up Bayern tonight
68min Man City Sub: Nasri off for Milner, this is damage limitation now, City haven’t performed since the first goal
67min James Milner is warming up. Ribery nicks it off Richards but misjudges his Croyff turn, the ball stays in Bayern’s possession
66min I don’t speak German but I’d hazard a guess that the Bayern fans are mocking the City ‘project’ with this chant. The difference between the sides, particularly in midfield is starting to show. Clichy booked for a persistent fouling
62min City win a throw in just inside Bayern’s half, it’s their first bit of play out of defence in this half, a penny for Carlos Tevez’s thoughts…
62min The Bayern fans are now oleing every pass now, they’ll tire themselves out at this rate
61min Bayern are having fun now, moving the ball well and Gomez is just standing on Kolo Toure’s shoulder as the Ivorian looks to be done for and is struggling to stay in line never mind chase the ball
59min Barry fouls Ribery at the half way line, which seems to be emerging as a City tactic
58min Aguero gives away a free kick, he’s been isolated so far in the second and with Silva stuck out on the right he’ll need a bit of luck to get a chance
56min DeJong watches as Silva tries to win it off Ribery before Lahm takes over, Silva wins it but can only find Schweinsteiger whose shot is blocked. I’m starting to feel for little David Silva
55min Man City Sub: De Jong on for Dzeko, not the obvious change to make but we’ll see where De Jong goes as it could free up Silva to get on the ball a bit more
54min Richards with a good block to keep out Ribery but Bayern are really putting City through the ringer here
53min Schweinsteiger is running the game now and City have no response as Silva is too busy helping Richards out
51min City are having to chase a lot of shadows so far in the second half and Barry gives away a free on the edge of the centre circle, Bayern pass it and start off where they left off
50min Nasri gives a way a free kick and it’s his first contribution to the second half
49min Lovely ball from Muller for Kroos to run on to but he slips on the edge of the box before it drops
48min Bayern have their tails up and are passing it quickly, it’s switched to robery who lays it off to Lahm on the overlap who cuts in only for his shoot to go over
46min Clichy tries to stretch his legs down the wing but he’s quickly surrounded by three red shirts and it’s out for a throw
45min It’s worth noting too that Napoli are 2-0 up against Villareal and this group is shaping up to be a real tough one
45min City are back out and it’s the same sides from both managers and we’re off again
45min Bayern are back out, waiting for City – they don’t look nervous anyway
Half Time A lot went right for City in that half but now it’s all gone wrong and unless Mancini springs the big guns from the bench early on it doesn’t look like they’ll get anything other than an education from tonight
45min GOAL! Gomez again, Hart saves from Kroos’ header but he’s palmed it to Gomez and it looks beyond City now
44min Dzeko has to chase Lahm all the way back and gives away a free to the left of the box
43min Bayern are starting to move up the gears and are moving the ball around well
41min Aguero chops down Schweinsteiger on the halfway line and picks up the first yellow of the evening
40min Lahm and Ribery have started to double up on Richards and he only has Silva to cover him, who to be fair is willing but not quite able and it’s pulling the City midfield out of shape
39min Richards allowed Ribery to cut in very easily and City’s good start is undone after two warnings in quick succession
38min GOAL! Gomez taps it in after Ribery’s shot is saved well by Hart only for Muller to shoot the rebound right at the keeper before it falls kindly for Gomez
36min That was similar to the mistake which Barry made against Napoli that let them through, a warning for City
35min Oh my, Barry gives it away cheaply and Bayern are on the front foot with five against three and Schweinsteiger misses from the edge of the six yard box
33min Kroos plays the corner low to Ribery on the edge of the box but he doesn’t hit it clean and the danger is over
32min Ribery skips away and crosses it to Muller but Cliuchy does well to block, Yaya Toure was no where there
31min Kompany smashes Gomez, who’s not had a sniff so far but Aguero goes through the middle and is dispossed before Scweinsteiger unleashes a shot that Hart does well to collect
30min Ribery nicks it off Nasri and makes good progess before laying it off to Kroos who works it to Muller and ayern threaten to pick a pass through but City do well to get back in numbers and snuff it out
29min Bayern have been sloppy and City have matched them so far without any great effort
27min It’s gone a bit flat after scares for both sides
25min City are split in two on the break but Kroos shanks a shot instead of looking up to pick out one of Gomez or Ribery, bit of a let off for City
24min Another free from thirty yeards, this time Yaya Toure softly lifts it over the wall to no effect
23min Richards runs into the box before being bundles over by Boateng and it could well have been given but the ref waves it away
23min City are pushing Bayern back now, playing the ball across the back and moving forward slowly but steadily and they look stronger in midfield so far
22min Nasri weaves his way from the halfway line only for Boateng to take it off his toe before he enters the box
21min Silva played it over the top and Boateng seemed to lose Dzeko but it’s cleared, Bayern don;t look convincing at the back
20min Barry wins a free kick about 30 yards out
18min Schweinsteiger shoots very wide
16min There’s an ominous feel to this so far as both sides are still feeling each other out but they’re not afraid to gamble a bit going forward, could be a great game if the tempo lifts
15min Good work from Dzeko to turn and shoot in the box to win a corner, but Nasri delivers it to the edge of the box and Kolo Toure can only send it into Neuer’s hands
14min Clichy gets his first cross of the night into the box but Boateng hoofs it into the stand
13min Bayern get the ball into the box but it’s nicked off Ribery’s toe and out for a goal kick
12min Bayern have been very loose in the opening ten minutes, they haven’t really looked to get forward in a way that their formation would suggest
11min Rafinha gets forward for the first time and shoots over
10min Ribery has yet to make a mark, he’s taken the ball unconvincingly towards the hulking Micah Richards a few times before turning back
8min Lovely inter-play between Nasri and Aguero sets the Argentine free into the box where he rounds Van Buyten easily before letting the ball run out of pla
6min Hart shanks a pass back out of play and Mancini controls well, City fans are in good voice as the game settles into a rhythm
4min Heyneckes is already on the edge of the technical area gesticulating to his players
3min Dzeko gets the first shot on target but its straight at Neuer, City have started with intent
2min Boateng leaves space for Silva to run into and then looks to foul him in the box but he ref gives nothing and Aguero’s shot is blocked. Rash from Boateng but the right decision
1min Kroos evens it up by giving a way a silly free bundling Barry over for no real reason
0min The ball is bounced around, gustavo goes down and the first free of the match goes to Bayern
0min Kolo Toure looks is set for a tough welcome back after his drugs test against Mario Gomez. And we’re off
0min The teams walk out from a strangely burlesque looking tunnel, lit only be a red light, into the din of the 66,000 seater stadium
0min Both sides look set to line out in 4-2-3-1 formations, which may make for an end-to-end goalfest… or a stodgy midfield mash. I fancy Bayern to put the nouveau rich City in their place
0min Just as a quick aside before we get under way in about half an hour or so, one man who isn’t named in Bayern’s squad is Brazilian defender Breno who was arrested last week on suspicion of arson after his own villa was set on fire. Holger Batstuber will miss out for the less dramatic reason that he has the flu, which is good news for Dzeko as the German centre back has looked solid so far this season.
0min The teams are in, Robben starts on the bench for Bayern while Mancini opts for Silva, Nasri, Aguero and Dzeko up front.

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Rafinha, Van Buyten, Boateng, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Gustavo, Muller, Kroos, Ribery, Gomez.
Subs: Butt, Petersen, Robben, Usami, Contento, Alaba, Tymoschuk.

Man City: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Toure, Clichy, Nasri, Barry,Toure Yaya, Silva, Aguero, Dzeko.
Subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Lescott, Milner, Kolarov, Tevez, De Jong

Bayern Munich v Manchester City, Allianz Arena, Tuesday, 7.45

Last month’s draw with Napoli showed that this Manchester City team, even with its expensive experience, was not prepared for the calibre of opposition they were up against and Roberto Mancini will hope his side learned a quick lesson that any complacency in this group will be punished.

Rather than being ground down by City’s unadventurous display Napoli grew into the game before pouncing on a sloppy bit of play from Gareth Barry to take the lead until an Aleksandar Kolarov free-kick rescued a point.

Impressive though it was City will need more than set pieces if they are to get anything from the 2010 finalists Bayern Munich in a pool that is already shaping up to be a group of death.

Even at this early stage City will be wary of losing here, if they do so and Napoli beat Villareal it will leave Mancini’s men with a tough task in getting out of the group.

It is testament to their form though that even at the Allianz Arena, City can consider themselves contenders if they get their balance right.

Saturday’s game with Everton saw Samir Nasri, David Silva, Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero all start and when that didn’t work Mancini changed tack by introducing Mario Balotelli without even having to call on Carlos Tevez.

That attacking repertoire may be the envy of Europe but for it to count against the elite of the Champions League City will have to get their own house in order.

Bayern may not be able to match City’s array of attacking options in number, but they can in quality.

Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery are two of the most incisive wingers in world football and unless City’s full backs can get a handle on them early on they will have a difficult time dealing with the threat of Mario Gomez, who has scored six in eight appearances this season.

With Philipp Lahm pushing down the left flank and Bastian Schweinsteiger looking to keep play ticking over for Bayern, Barry and Toure will have to offer a more solid performance than against Napoli.

The Bavarians have enjoyed a free-wheeling start to their league campaign similar to City’s, they are on a run of eight consecutive wins in all competitions and have scored 17 goals in their last five league games.

Mancini will have to resist abandoning his new found attacking philosophy as if they try to sit back and hit Bayern on the counter they will run into the wall of Holgen Batstuber, Daniel Van Buyten and the familiar Jerome Boateng.

Like Napoli, Bayern will not crumble at the first sign of City’s threat so the Dzeko and Aguero or whichever combination Mancini picks will have to be more clinical than they were last month.

Jupp Heyneckes’ Bayern is not too dissimilar to Mancini’s City in formation and strengths but his side’s experience and ability to defend and attack as a coherent unit will make it a very tough night in Munich for the Citizens.

Key Match-ups
Holgen Batstuber v Edin Dzeko

After his progress was stunted under Louis Van Gaal, the 22 year old Batstuber has proven a solid centre back this season and Dzeko will need all his guile to get past him if he is deployed alone at the top of City’s attack. Batstuber though is prone to the occasional loss of concentration so if he does get drawn in by the movement of Aguero, Silva and Nasri, Dzeko will have space to exploit.

Samir Nasri and David Silva v Bastian Schweinsteiger and Anatoliy Tymoschuk or Luiz Gustavo
City’s biggest attacking weapon is their ability to attack from any angle in numbers with Nasri, Silva, Aguero, Toure and the full backs passing and moving into space at rapid pace. What makes this particularly devastating is the unpredictability of Nasri and Silva who can play as: wingers – getting to the byline and crossing, playmakers – picking the ball up deep and playing a killer pass or in the hole, dropping in behind the strikers and threading the vital ball through. That they can do both do this and never settle into one role for an entire game, or entire attack even, means that Bayern’s deep midfielders will need to maintain their focus and patience to keep the diminutive duo at bay. Equally, if Nasri and Silva are too loose with the ball Schweinsteiger will be quick to turn the ball over into a Bayern attack.


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