Italy secure bonus point victory over USA

Italy 27-10 USA, Trafalgar Park, Nelson Kick-off: 0730pm
68min (I) Mauro Bergamasco conversion
67min (I) Penalty try
60min (U) Louis Stanfill yellow card
40min (I) Mauro Bergamasco missed conversion
40min (I) Castrogiovanni try
31min (I) Mauro Bergamasco missed conversion
30min (I) Luciano Orquera try
28min (U) Chris Wyles penalty
23min (I) Mauro Bergamasco conversion
19min (U) Chris Wyles conversion
18min (U) Chris Wyles try
5min (I) Mauro Bergamasco conversion
4min (I) Sergio Parisse try

Live score commentary
79min Italy throw inside the USA 22, they kick out the ball FT
77min Penalty against USA for obstruction, the Italians kick to half way.
76min USA have a throw six metres from the Italian try line.
75min Italy just trying to run down the clock but Eddies eagles are fighting all the way.
73min USA throw on half way.
71min Poor kick by the USA leads to a 22 drop out for Italy.
69min USA have a scrum on the Italian 22.
68min Italy get a penalty try and its an easy conversion, the Italians will surly empty the bench now the bonus points are secured.
67min Another inconclusive decision, scrum five for Italy
66min Italy get to the try line and claim a try, but it goes up to the TMO.
65min Italian scrum eight metres from the USA try line.
64min Its another Italian throw on the USA 22m line. The Italians will want to get the fourth try for the bonus point soon.
63min Taku Ngwenya makes a great run for USA but the eagles get penalised for an off the ball incident.
62min Poor kick forward by Italy goes over the try line and its a USA 22 drop out.
61min Its cleared upto the 22 by USA, its an Italian scrum.
60min Louis Stanfill gets a yellow card.
58min Italian scrum nine metres from the eagles try line.
56min The USA give away another penalty, there will surly be a yellow card against them soon.
56min Amazingly USA win a penalty after the turn the scrum 90.
55min Italy totally dominating the scrum and win penalty after penalty.
54min The Italians go for the scrum on the eagles 22 in front of the posts.
53min Italy turn it over and are attacking inside the USA 22. They win a penalty.
53min Italy penalised for jumping to early, USA decide to run it and are up to the half way line.
52min USA penalised for holding on, Italian have a throw just outside the 22.
50min The eagles turn it over and go on the attack near the half way line.
49min Italy seven metres from the try line.
47min USA penalised for holding on, Italian throw on half way.
43min The eagles hold possession and win a throw on the Italian 22.
42min USA attacking on the half way line.
40min Italy only metres from the try line, Castrogiovanni gets over this time. Mauro Bergamasco misses conversion
39min The scrum has went down three times, it will be a penalty try or yellow card soon.
38min Its inconclusive if Castrogiovanni grounded it, but they win a scrum five.
37min Italy looked to have got over for another try but it goes up to the TMO.
36min Italy win a penalty in front of the posts on the 22. They kick for the corner to get the tries they need for a bonus point.
35min Its a USA throw four metres from their own try line.
33min Italian scrum on half way and they win another penalty.
31min Mauro Bergamasco misses the conversion
30min Luciano Orquera gets over for the Italians second try of the night.
29min Italy win a penalty from the kick off, they kick to the corner and are only metres from the American line.
28min Chris Wyles kicks the penalty to level up the match at 10-10.
26min USA win a scrum inside the 22, they win a penalty. Luciano Orquera offside.
25min USA attacking on the Italian 22.
23min Bergamasco should kicks it over.
20min Italy win a scrum and once again win a penalty.
18min Chris Wyles goes over for a great try for the eagles. He also kicks the conversion
17min USA attacking just inside the Italian half after a poor clearance, they win a penalty for holding on. Its just too far out to go for the posts so its kicked into the corner.
15min Chris Biller knocks on, Italian scrum.
14min America going through the phases in front of the Italian posts.
13min The ball is kicked to within eight metres of the line.
12min USA attacking on half way, they have came into the game and now win a penalty.
10min USA kick the ball upto half way for an eagles throw.
9min Its a knock on in the in goal area, USA scrum five.
9min Italy attacking inside the 22, they get over in the corner but it looks to have been knocked on. Its gone up to the TMO
8min American knock on, Italian scrum and they win a penalty. Its kicked up to half way.
6min The eagles are now attacking inside the Italian 22.
4min Sergio Parisse gets over for a try under the posts. Mauro Bergamasco kicks the easy conversion.
3min Italy on the attack inside the American 22.
1min USA kick the match off
0min All Iris supporters will be hoping for a big performance y the USA eagles

Italy team: Andrea Masi; Tommaso Benvenuti, Gonzalo Canale, Gonzalo Garcia, Mirco Bergamasco; Luciano Orquera, Fabio Semenzato; Salvatore Perugini, Leonardo Ghiraldini, Martin Castrogiovanni, Quintin Geldenhuys, Cornelius van Zyl, Alessandro Zanni, Mauro Bergamasco, Sergio Parisse (capt).

Reserves: Fabio Ongaro, Andrea Lo Cicero, Marco Bortolami, Paul Derbyshire, Edoardo Gori, Riccardo Bocchino, Luke McLean.

United States: Chris Wyles; Taku Ngwenya, Paul Emerick, Andrew Suniula, James Paterson; Roland Suniula, Mike Petri; Mike MacDonald, Chris Biller, Matekitonga Moeakiola, John van der Giessen, Hayden Smith, Louis Stanfill, Todd Clever (capt), Nic Johnson.

Reserves: Phil Thiel, Shawn Pittman, Scott LaValla, Pat Danahy, Tim Usasz, Nese Malifa, Blaine Scully.


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