St Pats set to play this evening

St Patrick’s Athletic preparations for tonight’s crucial European game against Karpaty Lviv, which they trail 2-0, have been thrown into disarray with news emerging that the players have threatened to boycott the game.

The row which had been bubbling in the background is related to compensation due to the players for loss of earnings with the club failing to meet a request for bonus payments.

The build up to the game has already seen the players refuse to take part in any media activities however the players have escalated their action and have now issued a statement confirming that they will not play this evening’s third-round qualifier second leg at Tallaght Stadium.

The FAI are mediating but an agreement has yet to be signed but it looks like game will go ahead this evening.

The statement reads as follows: “Following receipt of a fax from the owners of St Patrick’s Athletic Football Club early this morning, we have considered its contents carefully. The faxed offer is the same offer that we rejected last night in our meeting with the club. Having discussed it at length, we are unanimous that the offer does not meet our minimum requirements.

“The club will receive many multiples of the amounts we are seeking in prize money so payment to us would still leave the club in profit following our European campaign.

“However, we have made it very clear to the board that our very modest requests would have to be agreed prior to tonight’s match; this issue has been ongoing for the past month.

“It is, therefore, with huge regret that we must inform you that we will not be participating in the fixture this evening. This is a unanimous decision of all the players and has not been reached lightly.

“We realise this is a devastating blow for the fans and the league. It is equally so for us as players but we cannot continue to be treated with disrespect by the club.” will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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