Ballydoyle employees gulity of laying horses

The Ballydoyle stables of Aidan O’Brien was under the spotlight tonight after two of their employees were found guilty of laying horses from the stable. Gosuke Motoki and Kaname Tsuge, both work riders at Ballydoyle, were both fined €2,000 each for laying horses as far back as 2007.

Over a three-year period up to May last year, Motoki laid 34 horses and won €1,369, but he also lost €1,415.65 in 53 separate transactions for an overall loss of €46.65. While Tsuage, who was work rider to Rip Van Winkle amongst others, laid 61 horses, winning €5,101.19, but lost €4,500.84, yielding a profit of €600.35 from 139 bets.

Along with the €2,000 fine both parties were ordered to pay costs. Speaking to the Racing Post after the hearing, Turf Club head of security Chris Gordon said “They both accepted their responsibility straight away and didn’t dispute any of the facts.

“They had been doing this since 2007 and it was disappointing that Betfair did not volunteer this information to us somewhat sooner rather than when the Turf Club made inquiries with Betfair at the end of 2010 when we independently discovered what was going on.”


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