Barcelona complain to NIKE

It seems that Barcelona are playing a shade below their best. Well if you listen to Barcelona they are below par.

The reigning Champions League winners have lodged a complaint with Nike, the company who makes their jersey, that the current top is absorbing too much sweat and slowing their players down.

Spanish newspaper El Pais first reported claims from Barca players, including Leo Messi, that the shirts more than doubled in weight by half-time as they absorbed so much sweat from the player.
In a statement released by the company was ‘working to find a solution to the problem’ It also said that the Spanish side were the first team/brand to lodge a complaint over one of their products.

However tennis star Rafael Nadal experienced a similar problem with his own Nike Dri-FIT gear at the Australian Open in January.

It seems that even mother nature won’t be able to stop Barcelona anytime soon.


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