Connacht get losing bonus point against Ospreys

Ospreys 26-21 Connacht FT
80min (C) N O’Connor – penalty
80min (O) D Biggar – penalty
79min (C) N O’Connor – drop goal
77min (O) D Biggar – penalty
63min (C) N O’Connor – missed conversion
62min (C) G Duffy – try
60min (O) D Biggar – penalty
39min (C) N O’Connor – penalty
37min (O) D Biggar – conversion
35min (O) Hanno Dirksen – try
29min (O) D Biggar – missed penalty
26min (C) N O’Connor – conversion
25min (C) G Duffy – try
20min (O) D Biggar – missed penalty
7min (O) D Biggar – conversion
6min (0) BJ Davies – try

Live commentary
80min O’Connor secures the loosing bonus point on the final whistle.
80min Connacht up to the Ospreys 22 and they win a penalty. Could get Connacht the bonus point they looked like giving up.
80min (O) D Biggar kicks the penalty and looks like depriving Connacht a bonus point.
80min Ospreys win a penalty, this could be very expensive for Connacht. Biggar can kick it from here.
80min Connacht attacking on half way. They win a scrum.
79min Connacht attacking on half way. Great drop goal from Nail O’Connor.
77min Stunning kick from Biggar, they know lead by 8pts.
76min Poor play by Duffy, penalty to Ospreys.
75min Connacht attacking on the Ospreys 10m line.
73min Great play by Nail O’Connor, Connacht need a try.
71min Murphy knocks on, disaster for Connacht.
69min Penalty on half way for Connacht, Ospreys holding on. O’Connor kicks deep into the Ospreys 22.
68min Poor play by McCarthy and Ospreys turn over the ball.
67min Gavin Duffy only six metres from the Ospreys try line.
66min Great play by Jarvis, Connacht attacking on half way with Johnny O’Connor
65min Connacht win a penalty in their own half but Matt Jarvis goes for the posts, but he kicks it wide.
63min O’Connor misses a very difficult conversion.
62min Gavin Duffy goes over in the corner for Connacht, great play
60min Dan Biggar extends the lead for Ospreys
58min Connacht give away a penalty, the crowd are really getting on the ref’s back.
55min Ospreys have a throw on half way
53min Its a yellow card against Ospreys
49min Good play by O’Connor but he is out over the sideline.
47min Connacht lineout on half way
44min Ospreys on the attack
40min Ospreys have an attack on half way. Play stopped for an injury
39min Connacht win a penalty and O’Connor kicks it between the posts, to leave Connacht seven behind at half time.
37min Connacht have a scrum on the Ospreys 22.
35min Shocking play by Connacht leads to a break away try for Ospreys by Hanno Dirksen. Biggar kicks the conversion.
33min Connacht win a free for early engage by Ospreys.
33min The ball is knocked on by Muldoon, scrum Ospreys.
32min Good kick from O’Connor is knocked on by Ospreys, scrum on the 22 for Connacht
31min Connacht attacking on half way.
29min Dan Biggar gives Ospreys a three point lead
29min Ospreys win a penalty from the scrum, should be no problem for Biggar.
27min Ospreys throw near half way.
26min Stunning conversion from Nail O’Connor.
25min Great attack by Connacht and they get a try from Gavin Duffy in the corner
23min No try and 22 drop out
22min Gavin Duffy looked to have got in near the corner but he fails to down the ball, the referee is looking into interference.
20min Connacht give away the first penalty of the night just but its a shocking miss from Dan Biggar.
16min Ospreys looking very dangerous, it looks on a matter of time for the next try
14min Ospreys on the Connacht 22
11min Ospreys on the attack again
7min Dan Biggar get the conversion
6min BJ Davies goes in under the posts for the opening try
5min Ospreys on the attack this looks very dangerous
1min Game is kicked off and it Connacht with the first attack
0min Its going to be a tough night for Connacht

Ospreys: Barry Davies; Richard Fussell, Tom Isaacs, Andrew Bishop, Hanno Dirksen; Dan Biggar, Rhys Webb; Duncan Jones, Richard Hibbard, Aaron Jarvis, Ian Gough, Ian Evans, Tom Smith, Justin Tipuric (Capt), Jonathan Thomas.

Replacements: Mefin Davies, Cai Griffiths, Joe Rees, James King, Joe Bearman, Matthew Morgan, Sonny Parker, Kristian Phillips.

Connacht: G Duffy (cpt), B Tuohy, E Griffin, H Fa’afili, T O’Halloran, N O’Connor, F Murphy; B Wilkinson, E Reynecke, D Rogers, M Swift, M McCarthy, TJ Anderson, J O’Connor, J Muldoon.

Replacements: A Flavin, R Loughney, S Maguire, D Gannon, R Ofisa, P O’Donohoe, M Jarvis, J Loxton.

Referee: Stefano Penne (FIR)

Assistant Referees: James Jones, Wayne Davies (WRU)

Citing Commissioner: Richard Gwynn (WRU)


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