Where now for Carlos Tevez

As Carlos Tevez’s nomadic search for a semi permanent home continues apace, it’s worth acknowledging that as his locations may change, his love for the fans remains consistent. Having publicly, at one time or another, professed his love for the fans at each of his previous clubs, he is now looking for his sixth employer. Despite the controversy the Argentinean brings with him, there will be plenty of clubs looking at the situation with interest.

The striker, in my opinion, was a victim of his own success last season. Having performed so brilliantly for Manchester City, his price tag inflated to the point where only a select group of clubs could afford him. Even with Middle Eastern backers flowing into European football at a steady rate, the realistic bids didn’t materialise.

With no concrete moves for Tevez, aside from the dubious offers of up to almost 40 million pounds coming from Brazilian side Corinthians, Tevez was forced to stay put. Corinthian’s unsurprisingly were unable to provide evidence of the requisite funds and the deal was dead in the water.

All that has changed since the events of midweek with Tevez, according to one version of events, refusing to come on as a substitute in Manchester City’s Champion’s league defeat to Bayern Munich, his stock has plummeted, and with Manchester City eager to get him out as soon as possible, he could be available at a knock down price or even have his contract terminated altogether.

What’s puzzling is Tevez’s motivation for his latest show of disobedience. The striker had constantly cited being closer to his family as the primary reason behind seeking a move away from Manchester.

Apparently his estranged wife couldn’t settle there, and he longed to see his children. But now, his family are back in the city, his agent Kia Joorabchian stating only last month that his wife Vanessa was finally beginning to adjust to life in England. Indeed the couple were snapped on the golf course together since the Munich game.
If his frustration was as a result of being ousted from the first team, then the logical thing to do for a player as spectacularly talented would be to force his way back into Mancini’s plans.

If the issue is financial, then with wages reportedly at 250K a week, there are very few options for better-paid employment elsewhere. The whole saga seems implausible and his advisors must be questioned

Of course, Tevez’s plummeting price tag should make a move to Italy or Spain, and a more affable climate, more likely. But the foreign suitors are yet to bite.

West Ham has been the first movers this time around, making initial enquiries about taking Tevez on loan, which were quickly rebuffed. But London is no more similar to Argentina than Manchester, despite its pre eminence as a WAG’s paradise; it can scarcely be likened to Buenos Aires.

Perhaps the Argentinean can never really be happy wherever he plays, but that’s something he needs to realise himself. Until then, there’ll be plenty more opportunities to profess his affection to the fans he leaves behind.

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