Ancelotti eyes Premier League return

Former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has admitted he would love to return to the Premier League.

The Italian is currently out of work and has welcomed an opportunity to join clubs such as Tottenham, Arsenal or  Liverpool.

“I want to manage a team that challenges at the top, and I include Tottenham and Liverpool in that category. Wenger has had a shaky spell at Arsenal in the last few months, and for the national team Capello will be replaced by an Englishman, which will free up a place at a club.”

However, he added: “I am in no hurry, I promise. The fact that I’m not coaching does not cause me anguish. In fact, I am enjoying life.” “For a coach, it is the ideal country. The difference is in the pace of the game and the training. In Italy, it’s hard to obtain maximum intensity during the week, but it’s the opposite in England – it’s difficult to reduce it.

“It’s a different type of work culture, plus there’s the passion and respect in the stadiums. In two years on the bench at Chelsea, I wasn’t insulted by opposition fans. Also: tell me who is the president of Manchester United. No? Me neither. I know he doesn’t give interviews. Just like Abramovich.”

Ancelotti also revealed he is now starting to consider Sir Alex Ferguson the finest manager in the game.

“The more time goes by, the more I fall in love with Ferguson,” he said. “He is unusual as a coach. It’s not his direct training – he delegates a lot and has an excellent team around him.

“He understands football like few others. Under his management, all players improve – more recently [Ashley] Young. He can take a little-known Korean and make him an important part of the Manchester United team.

“He’s not afraid to field young players. [Tom] Cleverley is one to watch – he’s a 22-year-old midfielder and looks very strong. United play a European game – a little bit English, very modern. Finally, and a very important aspect for me, Ferguson is very good, very humble, as a person.”


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