What actors will play the Rugby World Cup winning Irish Rugby Team?

Ireland sailed into the Quarter Finals of the Rugby World Cup at the weekend with an easy victory over Italy. So without wanting to get too ahead of ourselves it’s a special time for Irish rugby and a special group of players to boot. But if we did win the World Cup who would play our winning superstars in the Hollywood movie?

Dublin born Hollywood sensation Colin Farrell could take the lead and play Ronan O’Gara, ROG will no doubt kick the winning drop goal in the last minute of the final to win the Web Ellis trophy.

Ronan O'Gara

He has been known to like to party, so Cian Healy could not be played by anyone else but School of Rock actor Jack Black.

Cian Healy

Jason Statham has played a lot of bad boys and is never a man to mess with, so who better to play Rory Best than the British actor.

Rory Best

There were a lot of famous actors who could of played the Irish hero Brian O’Driscoll, but in the end we went with Russell Crowe to repeat Matt Damons performance of as François Pienaar in Invictus.

Brian O'Driscoll

Finally, who could play the man who brought all of these talented individuals together? Who has the leadership? the insight? The man management to hold such powerful personalities together? Naturally there is only one choice:



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