Clubs spent £100 million on changing managers

It seems to be all the fashion this days- no not an Ipad or some sort of technology but changing your manager every so often.

Steve McClaren’s departure from Nottingham Forest is just one of many managerial departures in the past few months and the LMA have released some mind blowing stats from a recent survey.

Clubs from the Premier League and Football League spent over £100 million last season on chaning their manager. Having to pay out compensation is the main component of this figure and in times when smaller clubs are struggling, it seems quite ridiculous that chairmen would go to such lengths to get rid of their manager. Legal fees and ‘double fees’ also make up the £100 million with the lather being when the club have to pay a former manager’s salary whilst paying a new one as well.

This month seems to be the favourite for clubs to get rid of their managers- with 25 clubs up and down England parting company with their ‘gaffer’ in between October 2010 and February 2011. There have been already some high profile sackings this season already with Peter Reid, Steve McClaren and now former Bristol City boss Keith Millen now all out of work.

According to the League Manager’s association report, it wasn’t just managers who contributed to the costs but also coaches . 100 coaches lost their job during last season alone including the controversial sacking of Chelsea’s Ray Wilkins.

According to the LMA, Championship managers who were sacked in 2010-11 had an average tenure of less than a year.

The average was 1.33 years in League 2, 1.67 years in League 1 and 2.07 years in the Premier League.

The average length of time it takes a sacked manager to get another job is currently 1.63 years. Almost half of first-time managers are never appointed to a second management position.


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