Liverpool owners spent £7.5m per point

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group spent over £7.5m per point since they took over last October according to calculations by football magazone FourFourTwo.

The group headed by Boston Red Sox owner John W. Henry paid £300m to buy the club and a further £144m on transfers and other fees such as wages since meaning that each of the 59 premier league points the side have picked up since have cost £7,525,424.

League winners Manchester United got a relative bargain of just over £1.5m per point and finished five places ahead of Liverpool.

The Merseysiders managed to make even Roman Abramovich look like a penny pincher, his Chelsea team spent around £1.4m for each of their 71 points while Manchester City’s Sheikh Mansour will regret not shopping around more as he paid £5,335,106 for the same amount of points.

Arsenal spent around £1m more than both United and Chelsea and still finished behind City without any silverware while Tottenham spent a fraction of that to come in fifth, spending only £303,191 for each point.

It will come of little surprise to Everton fans that their 54 points came cheapest, chairman Bill Kenwright has been the subject of protests over his lack of spending in recent years and he paid only £48,192 per point.

How they were calculated
FourFourTwo reached their figures by dividing the amount each chairman has spent on the club and since taking over by the number of points the club has picked up in that time, it’s not meant to be scientific but just to offer a look at the process of investment in sustaining a top half premier league side.

The top ten by proce per point
1. Manchester United – £1,510,516.26 per point
2. Chelsea – £1,406,617.65 per point
3. Manchester City – per point
4. Arsenal – £2,453,020.13 per point
5. Tottenham Hotspur – £303,191.49 per point
6. Liverpool – £7,525,423.73 per point
7. Everton – £48,192.77 per point
8. Fulham – £456,195.65 per point
9. Aston Villa – £988,235.29 per point
10. Sunderland – £2,257,526.88 per point

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