Facts about Sean O’Brien you may not know

It appears that Sean O’Brien is not only dominating the Rugby World Cup at present, but he is now dominating Twitter.

After a number of barnstorming performances the ‘Tullow Tank’ has been the subject of rave reviews from thousands of his fans who are letting the rest of the twitter world now the prowess of the Leinster and Ireland destroyer by posting various #seanobrienfacts on twitter.

SportsnewsIreland have plouged through these facts and here is our Top 10. We have yet to recieve confirmaton if these facts are true or not.

Top 10 Sean O’Brien facts.

1. When Bruce Banner turns angry, he becomes The Incredible Hulk. When the Hulk gets angry, he becomes Sean O’Brien.

2. Sean O’Brien demolishes houses to warm up for matches.

3. Sean OBrien is the only man ever to have fired Bill Cullen

4. When Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest in 1953, he was just visiting Sean O’Brien for a cup of tea.

5. Superman wears Sean O’Brien pyjamas.

6. Sean O’Brien invented the giraffe by giving a horse an upper cut.

7. When Sean O’Brien was born he burst out of the womb and took down 2 obstetricians & a midwife.

8. When demolition crews have a difficult job, they just get Sean O’Brien to stand inside it and exhale. He emerges unscathed.

9. The Big Bang was just the sound of Seán O’Brien… teething.

10. Dan Carter is not injured, Sean O’Brien ate him last Thursday.

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