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Northern Ireland 1 – 2 Estonia
92min played

The fans shouting for worthington’s head and qucik mention for a young fan of sportsnewsireland in dunboyne, Morten Ainscough is a huge Lee Camp fan and followed us on the web tonight. Sadly he didn’t get the win.

Its all over here, Northern ireland are shattered but they really threw this game away and it looks curtains for worthington.
It’s all Estonia in the closing stages at Windsor Park, with Konstantin Vassiljev firing in a viciously low shot which Lee Camp, who only saw it late, does well to deal with.

84minOh it’s a fabulous strike – but Northern Ireland are livid. With the linesman flagging – incorrectly – for offside against Estonia the home side stop playing, but referee Manuel Grafe waves play on and Konstantin Vassiljev crashes a superb strike into the top corner from all of 30 yards. Goodnight N Ireland?

Northern Ireland pushing up now

82 SUBSTITUTION: David Healy replaces Grant McCann as Nigel Worthington plays his final card.

81min Raio Piiroja drills the ball across goal as David Healy prepares to come on.

80min Cathcart is everywhere at the moment as his volley is saved by Sergei Pareiko.

79 YELLOW CARD: Craig Cathcart has to make a big tackle to deny Estonia’s Sergei Zenjov an opportunity. Cathcart was booked after giving away the penalty.

77min PENALTY GOAL: Northern Ireland 1 Estonia 1 (Konstantin Vassiljev Pen 77) Vassiljev has come on and made a huge impression for Estonia and he converts from 12 yards to restore parity at Windsor Park.

76min PENALTY GIVEN: Craig Cathcart brings down Konstantin Vassiljev for a blatant spot kick.

75 YELLOW CARD: Goalkeeper Lee Camp is booked for timewasting.

74min Sergei Zenjov’s shoots from just inside the box after some poor defending by Craig Cathcart but Lee Camp makes a fine stop.

72min Estonia are dominating possession now and Northern Ireland seem happy to sit back

71min So close again for Estonia as the corner comes in and Raio Piiroja toe pokes the bakk towards goal, but it’s inches wide.

70min Just before the substitution, Konstantin Vassiljev came close with a long-range strike. Now Martin Vunk hits one which deflects wide for a corner.

69 SUBSTITUTION: So Warren Feeney replaces Kyle Lafferty for the hosts then. He’s on for his 55th cap tonight.

68min Estonia have the ball now as Corry Evans hacks it clear but nobody is there to chase it down.

67min Vassiljev is the man who makes Estonia tick and they need him more than ever now as Nigel Worthington looks to Warren Feeney on the bench to get warmed up.

65min SUBSTITUTION: Estonia make their final change as it’s the one we’ve all been expecting as Konstantin Vassiljev replaces Tarmo Kink.

64min Ragnar Klavan looks for the dangerous Kink in the box but the hosts clear the ball once again but the ball seems to be coming back now as Nigel Worthington sends some orders to players on the pitch.

63min The ball is drilled in a long way but Raio Piiroja cannot make a decent contact with his head, despite getting away from Kyle Lafferty.

62min Corry Evans is penalised by referee Manuel Grafe was a late tackle in the middle of the park.

61min Estonia win a corner which Dmitri Kruglov takes and the ball falls to Kink on the far side which he attempts to lift back into the box but the ball lands on the roof of the net.

59min Kyle Lafferty is penalised for the use of an elbow yet again although there seemed very little in that as he attempted to win the ball in the air.

58 SUBSTITUTION: Another change for Estonia as Ats Purje replaces Sander Puri.

57min Estonia have had plenty of possession in this second half and have taken control.

56min Northern Ireland beat Estonia in a friendly the last time they met here at Windsor Park and that was 1-0. Maybe an omen perhaps!

55min Raio Piiroja’s ball is intercepted by the alert Chris Baird and now Corry Evans wins a free-kick on halfway.

54 YELLOW CARD: Kyle Lafferty jumps for the ball with Raio Piiroja and the striker is booked for a stray arm into the defender’s face. He will now miss the next qualifer in Italy. What a massive blow!

52min What a chance for Estonia and what a miss! Tarmo Kink puts Sergei Zenjov through on goal but the striker pulls his shot hopelessly wide of goal. He completely pulls his shot and that was simply awful!

50min Martin Vunk has a go from the edge of the box, which has Lee Camp flying across his goal to make the stop.

49 YELLOW CARD: Sergei Zenjov, who has just come on has now been booked for a late tackle and will miss the play-off first-leg if Estonia make it.

48min Estonia may need Konstantin Vassiljev, who is on the bench a bit later. He’s suffering from an injury.

47min Sergei Zenjov is a lively player. He scored in the defeat at home to Italy in this group, so one to watch out for.

It’s good news for Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington so far because they lead at Windsor Park thanks to Captain Steven Davis, who buried Kyle Lafferty’s cross from close-range. They will, however, need Italy to do them a huge favour and defeat Serbia in Belgrade and it’s 1-1 in that game at the moment.

45+1 Raio Piiroja wins his header but the ball drifts out for a goal kick and that should just about be that.

45 minMartin Vunk looks for Sander Puri with a long diagonal ball but he just overhits his pass. There will be two added minutes at the end of the first half.

44min Aleksandr Dmitrijev handles the ball and it’s a free-kick to the hosts on halfway.

43min Now McCourt gives the ball away and Estonia keep a bit of possession.

42min Keeper Pareiko is upset after Corry Evans challenges him fairly enough, but he runs out of his goal to have words with referee Manuel Grafe.

40min Kyle Lafferty is given offside as he controls the ball and lifts his shot over the crossbar.

39min Kink gives the ball away to Gareth McAuley and the defender runs 60 yards before seeing his effort blocked, but what a wonderful run that was. Northern Ireland have got a firm foot hold on this game now but will probably need another goal in this game because we all know how much Estonia like to shoot on sight.

34min Huge cheers as Sergei Pareiko’s goal kick goes straight out of play.

33min Clingan was suffering from back spasms as Grant McCann collects the ball and spreads it wide

31min Corry Evans is preparing to come on for Clingan whose game looks to be over.

30min More work for the Northern Ireland medical staff as Sammy Clingan is in need of some attention.

29min Tarmo Kink looks for the run of Ahjupera who is caught offside.

28min About 1,200 Estonia fans are in the crown tonight and but they’re being drowned out at the moment.

27min Estonia skipper Raio Piiroja is given space and time on the edge of the box but he lifts his left-foot shot over the crossbar.

26min Grant McCann slams into Tarmo Kink and that’s an easy decision for referee Manuel Grafe.

25min The hosts are dominating possession now and this is good stuff as Paddy McCourt now tests Pareiko with a drilled effort from an aqute angle.

23min Northern Ireland take the lead at Windsor Park. Chris Brunt’s pass over the top sets Kyle Lafferty away and he drills his cross across goal which keeper Sergei Pareiko faisl to deal with allowing Davis to fire home from close range.

Windsor Park standing up for the Ulstermen!!!
Northern Ireland take the lead at Windsor Park. Chris Brunt’s pass over the top sets Kyle Lafferty away and he drills his cross across goal which keeper Sergei Pareiko faisl to deal with allowing Davis to fire home from close range.

22 GOAL: Northern Ireland 1 (Steven Davis 22) Estonia 0.

22min Steven Davis finds Paddy McCourt until Raio Piiroja steps in to neatly chest the ball back to Pareiko.

21min Sander Puri combines with Kink and the Middlesbrough man is felled for a free-kick which Dmitri Kruglov delivers with his left-foot but it’s a foul on Gareth McAuley

19min Northern Ireland seem to be playing on the counter attack at the moment because Estonia are domianting the midfield battle.

18min At the other end Kink attempts an audacious first-time volley and he gets cheers from the Windsor Park crowd, but credit for the attempt.

17min Estonia are playing in their 50th European qualifier tonight and they’ve shown how much they’ve improved as Grant McCann takes aim and hits a wonderful long-range shot which is palmed away by Sergei Pareiko.

15min Gareth McAuley looks for Pat McCourt with a long ball down the line and now Aleksandr Dmitrijev battles for the ball with Steven Davis.

13min Head coach Tarmo Ruutli is looking quite nervous on the Estonia bench as McCourt gives the ball away.

12min The news from Serbia is good news for Northern Ireland because Italy have taken the lead in the first minute, so it’s must-win for both teams here at Windsor Park.

10min The Estonians are clearly not affraid to shoot from anywhere and Kink’s effort proved that theory.

9min Players back off Tarmo Kink who colletcs the ball and fires in a sizzling effort from the edge of the box which is well saved by Lee Camp

.8min Grant McCann is in need of some medical attention after going down in midfield. He looks winded but the Peterborough man is back on.

7min Tarmo Kink is Estonia’s key player as he collects the ball in the middle of the park.

6min Chris Brunt collects the ball down the right before cutting inside and delivering a curling ball, but he gets too much on it.

5min Lee Hodson looks for the run of Lafferty, but the big striker is backing into his marker and it’s a free-kick. Remember, when the Rangers man has scored for his country, they’ve never lost!

4min The atmosphere is something special as ever at Windsor Park and the pitch is in wonderful condition

3min Kyle Lafferty is switched on as he attempts to chase down a long ball, but it’s a goal kick. A chance for Dmitri Kruglov for Estonia but Northern Ireland clear their lines.

2min David Healy, who hasn’t scored for a long, long time is sitting on the bench as the visitors win a throw.

1min Northern Ireland have won just two qualifiers this campaign and the problem has been goals. Just four goals in seven games as Estonia get the game underway

Injury hit Northern Ireland will be hoping for a win that keeps their slim hopes of qualification alive when they face Estonia at home

Lee Camp
Chris Baird
Craig Cathcart
Lee Hodson
Gareth McAuley
Grant McCann
Paddy McCourt
Chris Brunt
Steven Davis
Sammy Clingan
Kyle Lafferty
Maik Taylor
Ryan McGivern
Corry Evans
Niall McGinn
David Healy
Andrew Little
Warren Feeney

Sergei Pareiko
Enar Jaager
Ragnar Klavan
Tarmo Kink
Andrei Stepanov
Aleksandr Dmitrijev
Dmitri Kruglov
Sander Puri
Martin Vunk
Jarmo Ahjupera
Raio Piiroja
Mikk Reintam
Sergei Zenjov
Ats Purje
Konstantin Vassiljev
Pavel Londak



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