Russia to bid for 2023 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup’s newest competitor, Russia, have announced they will bid to host the rugby bonanza in 2023.

Russia qualified for their first World Cup last year and made their debut a few weeks ago and despite losing all four group games the sport is fast growing in the country.

“During our board meeting RRU president Vyacheslav Kopyev stated that Russia would lodge a formal bid to host the World Cup in 2023,” the union said on its website.

“The Russian team had a respectable showing in New Zealand, scoring eight tries – a great achievement for the World Cup debutants. Still, we fell short of our main objective – we could not win against the United States.

“One of our objectives is to win the rugby sevens World Cup in 2013 and also compete in a (15-a-side) World Cup on a regular basis.”

It’s quite a remarkable revelation and with the Soccer World Cup heading to countries such as Qatar then will the IRB head in the same direction of selecting lesser known Rugby playing countries.

Since the establishment of the RWC back in 1987, the event has been held in just six different countries. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, England and Wales have all hosted the event with Ireland and Scotland aiding other nations in hosting it.

The IRB shocked most people when selected Japan as the host for the 2019 edition of the tournament but will Russia be a step too far.

Established rugby playing countries such as the Pacific Islands and Argentina have a better chance. England will host the 2015 World Cup but who knows where the 2023 tournament will be held.

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