Haye retires from boxing

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye has retired from boxing on the day he celebrates his 31st birthday.

His retirement comes at a time where rumours suggesting he would fight Ukranian Vitali Klitschko.

Reports were indicating that the two rivals would face each other in a final showdown next year but Haye, speaking on his retirement claimed he was not in it for the money.

The reports came when Klitschko’s trainer confirmed to the media that he was in talks with Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer over a possible meeting.

Haye will now turn to acting during his retirement and despite claiming he would be fit enough to fight again, the 31 year old said he felt it was the right time to step down. “I would like to be remembered as someone who entertained people, someone who got them talking about boxing – and I think I did,” he said.

Haye kept his promise to his mum that he would become heavyweight champion of the world and after that he would retire at the age of 31. He said he considered the decision but his heart was set on hanging up his gloves.

He didn’t bow out though without a parting shot at the Klitschko brothers, accusing them of dragging the heavyweight division ‘straight back into the doldrums’.

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